The Challenges of Being an Introverted Woman Infographic

introverted woman

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  1. Hey Michaela,

    I am an introvert male and feel really disrespected if a girl is chatty and doesn’t give me time to process and speak my thoughts. I can’t speak on other people’s behalf but I find all my successful relationships have been with quieter and more thoughtful people 😉

    Going along the same thoughts you put forward for females, introverted males have a special set of challenges too. For example, males are expected to make the first move in initiating romantic relationships. This is supposed to happen in a club, party, or any other social gathering. And you know first-hand how energy sucking those settings can be for any introvert. If we do manage to put anxiety at bay and strike up a conversation we are then rated on wit, intelligence and charm. Anxiety is surly to come back like a boomerang at that point.

    Business and sports are other fields where males are given expectations that often do not line up with the their personality as an introvert.



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