How Creative Introverts Can Get Unstuck + Create Epic Sh*t

There are a lot of creative introverts out there.  Our love of daydreaming, introspection and reflection gives us ample opportunity to develop our creativity.  But, just like anyone else, we sometimes suffer from creative block.

Here’s some inspiration:

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  1. I don’t usually write in these kind of blogs, just because they want me to write my email address. But I decided this deserved it. So, feel special!

    Beforehand, sorry for all the gramatical errors I will commit: I’m Spanish, so I’ll surley make your eyes bleed with my errors.

    I’m and Introvert, Highly Sensitive, Shy teen. The kind of guy that prefers daydreaming with a girl than actually knowing her. I remember crying every friday afternoon when I was a kid — just for the own sake of crying (not really, but you know what I mean). So, anyway, now I’m a teen, when everybody says that your personality gets defined. I’ve always been very different from other people: regretting things I did three years ago, needing time to be alone, seeing people that tries to walk with me when I’m listening to music like criminals, getting incredible mood swing (I’m HSP, introvert and teen — AT THE SAME TIME)… well, you must know all the endless list. Anyway, I’ve found two friends that have reached the goal of knowing me and understanding me.

    So, I was in the birthday party of my brother (he’s 10 years old) and lots of my relatives came. My cousin’s got a boyfriend very quiet. Never really told him that, though: I don’t like pointing the obvious unless it’s necessary. I’m very curious, so I thought: “I wonder what’s the difference between shyness and introversion”. So, I saw it: I was an introvert.

    Somehow, I reached your blog and learned lot of things: Highly Sensitive Personality, Myer-Briggs test… etc.

    So, I discovered:
    -I was an INFP.
    -I was a Highly Sensitive Person.
    And the most important of everything:
    -I wasn’t a weirdo. There was a lot of people like me. And that was good.

    Thank you, Michaella, for this blog. Keep it up! You’re helping lot of people! Just wish I discovered this before…

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I do feel special! I love this line: “I’m HSP, introvert and teen — AT THE SAME TIME”. Haha, I feel your pain – or at least I once felt it when I was a teenager. And you’re very welcome. It makes feel happy to know that my blog has helped you! xxo

    • *high five* me too! I’m an infp, HSP and introvert teen. So much labels, but I’m just using it to stop feeling so guilty and understanding myself better. Last year, I didn’t care I let my introvert side run wild (even though at the time I didn’t know much about introverts) the HSP thing can be hard though, since it feels more external. Can you do a post on advice HSP to reduce overstimulation? Thanks

  2. I am so happy to find other poeple to relate to. It may be a blog bit I feel better. The over stimulation of mass information and misinformation that comes from our electronic devices can be overwhelming. Now that I know I am INTJ it finally makes sense. Thank you for the platform for human connections.


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