Famous Introvert Artist Quotes

you may think i'm small but i have a universe inside my head yoko ono

please kindly remove yourself from my personal space

people are always so boring when they band together

my alone feels so good

a bore is someone who deprives you of solitude

i don't hate people

famous introvert bjork quote

I hope you enjoyed my lil’ visual collection of introvert artist quotes. As you can see, I include musicians, poets, writers, and visual artists in my definition of ‘introvert artist’.  I have also posted these photos on my Pinterest, if you’d like to find and share them there.  Please feel free to share any quotes I missed in the comments section.


michalea chung


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  1. For years I’ve wondered if something was wrong with me. I love my quiet alone times it’s almost like I feel I’m dying inside and I get very upset if I cannot have alone time. I’m so pleased to finally figure it out ” I’M OKAY JUST AS I AM” I see my personality now for the first time as something special instead of being strange. I am a INFJ and I’m just perfectly okay with me.


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