INFJ: I came, I saw, I made it awkward

infj awkward

The annoying feeling of awkwardness is something INFJ’s are all too familiar with.

We often feel awkward, because we can see something few others can see. We sense those hidden signals that no one else feels.

This is a feeling I’m sure many of you can relate to. I am going to share with you my own awkward story. Not many people know what I am about to tell you. In other words, I feel completely “naked”, and exposed. So here goes. ☺

Young and awkward

Throughout the entire high-school period, I was bullied. For me, every day was a fight for survival. I felt alone, didn’t know who to turn to. I would go to school crying, anxious, and afraid. My daily plan was merely to survive, and come home. One day, something happened that made me feel like the King of Awkwardness.

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  2. I am glad I found this site!



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