INTP Personality: The Inventive Logician

INTP personality

The INTP personality type is very rare, making up only 3% of the population. This is however a good thing for them, because they like to draw and think outside the lines.

Their intellect and keen sense of understanding makes them ideal inventors. The level of logic the INTPs have at their disposal is unparalleled. Though often they appear to daydream, the fact is that they are wondering.

INTPs monitor and search the realm of ideas more than any other personality. For an INTP personality, nothing is impossible. it’s only a matter of time. When focused on a task, nothing can break their concentration and desire to explore.

I had the honor of meeting one INTP in my life. He is a bio-genetics researcher, and one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

The INTP personality knowledge quest

“Everything can be explained.” This was the sentence my INTP acquaintance repeated numerous times. For INTPs, no stone will be left unturned when their mind gets excited and starts analyzing.

Often you will notice that an INTP personality seems confused, maybe even lost. The reality is quite different. Their cognitive process of thinking is so complex, that it can be compared to the Spock character from Star Trek.

Guided by logic, INTPs are not led by emotions. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. They simply seek a logical solution that can help and be meaningful. Sometimes referred to as “cold”, INTPs say the truth that many don’t want to hear.

An INTP’s mind is their guide and biggest support

Far from being indifferent, the INTP personality thrives on originality. This doesn’t just apply in the career spectrum. If you have an INTP as a friend or a partner, you will never have to question: “Can it be done?” You will receive expert advice and guidance whenever you need it.

If you ever watched “The Big Bang Theory” TV series, take a closer look at Sheldon for an example of an INTP. Sure, he may seem rude, harsh, and sometimes even mean. But when his friends have a problem, he is the first person they seek. His intelligence, honesty, and hardcore reasoning are mesmerizing.

INTPs see multiple patterns and solutions in their mind. They seek ways not just to invent, but to improve at the same time. You can say that they are the “mind multitaskers”.

As William Arthur Ward wonderfully said:

“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

Famous INTPs out there:

Abraham Lincoln
Ellen Page
Charles Darwin
Tina Fey
Albert Einstein
Kristen Stewart
Rene Descartes
Isaac Newton
Blaise Pascal
Stanley Crouch
Leslie Winkle (for all The Big Bang theory fans ☺ )

Do not underestimate an INTP

As a fellow introvert I know how hard it can be to express yourself. For INTPs, expression comes through the realms of brilliance and ideas.

Albert Einstein was considered “dumb” in school. People thought of him as “weird”, and eccentric. He even failed at his math test several times. What they didn’t realize was that Albert was smarter than all of them. He was simply directing his wisdom to more important tasks.

He was never interested in the “ordinary”. True to his INTP personality, he used his logic and creativity to change the world. If it weren’t for him, who knows how modern science would look today.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

The true beauty of an INTP comes from their vigorous intellect. They are the beautiful dolphins of the personality spectrum. If you wonder, why the dolphin comparison? It’s because dolphins are scientifically proven to be one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth.

Over to you

Do you know an INTP in person? What are your thoughts on this incredibly rare, and wise type of personality? ☺



Hi, I’m Marko, the Introvert Spring INFJ forum coordinator. I’m a writer and marketing expert, with a rich background in leadership and communications. Right now, my biggest passion is helping to grow the Introvert Spring INFJ forum, so INFJs have a place to feel seen, understood, and inspired.


  1. As a (textbook) INTP, I have to take issue with “Everything can be explained.” In truth, it is closer to “Everything *must* be explained—even when it cannot be.” Everything hinges on a complete understanding, and I sometimes have to force myself to let go and not to try to understand something before just experiencing it. (It’s kind of all-or-nothing, actually.)

    But don’t mistake this clarification for judgment or criticism. This is just my working theory, which I will defend it to the death even though I know I will probably think and feel differently about it tomorrow.

    • Thanks for sharing this great insight Graeme! No worries, of course, I really appreciate what you said. 🙂

  2. I’m an INTP myself and I LOVE your article,especially when you mentioned Spock and TBBT.I LOVE that show! ♡
    Just one mistake: Sheldon Cooper is actually a INTJ.Not an INTP.Sheldon cares deeply about deadlines,rules and time.He has OCD.

    • Thank you so much Lumos for your kind words! Understood regarding Sheldon, I thought that the qualities he shows were expressing wonderful INTPs traits, so thanks for this insight. 🙂

    • Yes, and I believe Spock is generally considered INTJ as well. (But I doubt that Vulcans have the same personality types that humans do anyway.)

      By the way, to anybody who is having trouble understanding an INTP’s apparent lack of emotion in a romantic relationship, I recommend the scene from Star Trek: Into Darkness, where Spock is explaining his apparent lack of caring to Uhura.”Nyota, you mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring. Well, I assure you, the truth is precisely the opposite.”

  3. Great article! I’m an INTP too and find this description quite accurate. I think that the people of this personality type are difficult to understand and accepted by others because of the way their mind works. So INTPs are often misunderstood and even socially rejected despite the fact that they are much more intelligent and deep than most people.

    • Thank you so much Anna! 🙂 Glad to hear the article resonated with you.

  4. I’m an INFJ who married my high school sweetheart an INTP. While it has been emotionally challenging, I’ve always greatly respected his intelligence and logic. We have known for a long time that we make a fairly rare unique couple in the world of personality types.

    • That’s wonderful! I’m so glad to hear that you have this beautiful level of understanding, and acceptance with your partner Mborror. 🙂

  5. Sheldon Cooper is actually a INTP… Analyze much closer, why is sheldon cooper INTP instead of INTJ or ISTJ? isn’t he clearly a J by the structure he imposes on his own life and others’?
    That’s simple. Sheldon is not a Te-user, thus he cannot be IXTJ.
    Subjective logic, not factual external logic. Ti-dom. Can you prove it, Sheldon? Nope. Just thought it up. Seems logical. He analyzes, not implements. Ti.
    Theorizes, conceptualizes, is somewhat distract-able, and tends to leap in before he’s done theorizing or formulating, so he often screws up because of impulsive behavior in spite of logical soundness. Ti-Ne.
    Then there’s his Si. I can’t eat this hamburger, it doesn’t have the same amount of pickles as last time, and I insist on having that number of pickles. Sheldon likes same-ness. He notices if things are different. He can be insanely anal about change. He likes the consistency of a routine in menial things (lifestyle, gaming, eating, etc).
    Chastising, judging other people, craving approval and affirmation in his desire to be acknowledged as a genius — all Fe. Sheldon lets people know EXACTLY how he feels about stuff, all the time. Sure, some of it is based in Ti-logic, but it shows externally in tantrums and his craving for affirmation. Specifically, that’s inferior Fe.

    The Big Bang Theory – Best of Amy & Sheldon Revised

    • Thanks for sharing this Phorcyte-X! 🙂

      • You Got It Bro…🙂

  6. As an INTP, I would readily challenge “Everything can be explained”. After all, I consider epistemology a fascinating subject.

    • Thanks for sharing this insight Gonzalo! 🙂

  7. I love the details and how you always get it on point Marko 🙂 i am lucky to have a brother who is a INTP,eventhough he is the youngest i have the feeling he is the most intelligent one of all,it’s scary lol 🙂 as an INFJ myself it’s a blessing to have siblings (my sister is INTJ) who understand without explaining anything.

  8. My 15 year old daughter has just tested as having a Logician personality, until now I had never heard of it before. After reading the description of a logician in detail it is astounding how accurate it is!
    If anyone has some tips on how to nurture and support a logician I would greatly appreciate it.

    • shes probably having a hard time right now in her life and you dont see it… i mean she is a teenage intp after all.


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