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INFJs rarely meet one another in the ‘real world’. Become an Introvert Spring INFJ and meet INFJs across the globe. Join our free private forum and discuss INFJ problems, solutions, and idiosyncrasies.  Start your own discussion topics or join a popular thread. You’ll also gain access to unique INFJ articles and infographics.



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Why is there a forum for INFJs and not other personality types?

A while back I did a survey, and 50% of respondents said they wanted a private INFJs forum. Not only that. My two INFJ articles on Introvert Spring have hundreds of comments, and more coming every week. In short, there was a real demand.

Will my posts be seen by anyone who is not a member?

No. The forum and most of its blog posts are private, which means no one except for members can view what you share.

Is there a monthly fee?

No, the forum is free.

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