Radical Intimacy For Introverts


Best selling author Brad Blanton and I discuss radical intimacy for introverts – how to create intimacy where there is none.

Brad is the author of the national best seller, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth.


  1. Hi Michaela. That was another splendid interview/post.
    Ironically long (sometimes painful) experience has taught me to be less honest with people, because very few people can cope with the level of honesty being advocated. I do, however, totally understand what Brad Branton is saying and the rationale behind it.
    I actually think that most extroverts are afraid of true intimacy. Lots of superficial intimacy is what they seem to prefer, and an introvert’s attempts to find deeper intimacy seems to scare them. Repeated rebuffs from people tend to reinforce the notion that the introvert must hide their honesty and desire for greater intimacy. Or is that just me?

    • Hi Michael, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I do think that there are some extroverts who prefer to keep conversation light and will avoid going deeper. But everyone’s different.


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