The 12 Gifts Of Introversion

This is the time of year when gift-giving is at the top of everyone’s mind. Luckily for us innies, we already have several introvert gifts. And I don’t mean the kind you buy at the store.

Modest introverts might never admit it, but our innate strengths are a gift to the world. Since our finer qualities are often overlooked, I’ve created a new introvert infographic to celebrate the 12 gifts of introversion.

introvert gifts

1. Creativity

Embracing solitude and reflection helps introverts to access their innermost thoughts and creative ideas.

2. Observation

As outsiders, introverts often notice subtleties that those who follow the crowd miss.

3. Live with less

Extravagance is an extrovert’s game. Introverts enjoy a paired down existence with fewer friends, and personal belongings.

4. Loyalty

Introverts are known for being fiercely loyal to the few people they let into their inner circle.

5. Easily entertained

Introverts are rarely bored alone. We find endless entertainment in our own imagination.

6. Deep Thinkers

Introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which often prevents negative outcomes.

7. Loved by landlords

Have you ever seen an ad looking for a loudmouthed tenant who likes to party? Quiet introverts are a landlord’s dream.

8. Listening

Introverts embody the old adage “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason”. Everyone likes to be listened to.

9. Focus

Introverts are able to maintain intense focus for long stretches as they work alone on a project or passion.

10. Introspection

An introvert’s love of looking inward helps him to continuously learn and grow.

11. Word economy

While others fill every inch of airspace with empty chatter, introverts choose their words wisely.

12. Love of alone

Introverts don’t need to be around people all the time. Our love of alone gives us both independence and perspective.

Did I miss any?

Feel free to share your introvert gifts below.

Happy Holidays!



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Michaela Chung


  1. As always, great article and infographic Michaela. 🙂

    • Thanks Marko!

    • Hi Michaela,
      very fascinating blog and internet pages! Thank you so much for doing this!!

      You asked if you may have forgotten something, and a few things came to my (probably rather introvert) mind, which could be added to the list above:

      1) Empathy: Some people have problems to walk a mile in the person’s shoes and to understand the other people’s emotions. Not so introverts. They very well seem to understand what the other person is feeling and what are the triggers for their emotions. In many cases their empathy goes as far as actually copying the mood of the other person. That can joy or grievance. So, if somebody seriously wants to share their feelings with another human being, an introvert would be a great choice.

      2) Challenge: What could make a person more interesting than being a challenge? It probably takes a lot of patience, to fully understand and know an introvert, but that makes them even more interesting. If you believe you fully read another person at first sight, how interesting is that? If you try and get to better know an introvert you are in for an interesting ride and – most likely – for the longer term.

      3) Critical (and I appreciate that this seems to have become a very negative word in this extrovert culture!): Introverts are exceptionally critical. Just receive information and accept it at face value? Not with an introvert! Changes or new impulses are being questioned and critically evaluated. The purpose though, is not to prevent any change but to optimize that change and to detect more or less obvious flaws from the beginning. This way introverts provide an excellent opportunity (yup!) for a “second opinion” that should not be under-estimated and under-utilized (if you dare to be challenged).

      I will think a bit further about this 🙂 U.P.

  2. Leadership, but it’s depend on the situations. sometimes good people will be force to lead because other leaders could not make a change.

    • So true, Romer!

  3. Freedom of choice. Because I feel more guided by my inner voice and less of the pull of the crowd, I actually feel more free to be able to make the choices to do what is most important to me, in both large and small things

  4. I’m constantly amazed how others don’t notice what we notice. I seriously feel like superman X-ray vision.

  5. This is all me!! Great article! Grateful for this innie circle! I will be spending the holidays alone :), :), :)…I’m not a holiday person, wasn’t raised that way. Personally I don’t feel the need to wait until December to show someone how much I love them, when I have all year to do that. I see a lot of people focusing so much on gift giving. I give to myself when I feel the need to treat myself and to others if they deserve it, LOL. In the past,… I spent way to much money on other people… and when my birthday comes around or just a thoughtful gift to say “I miss you”, “thought of you” , “love you”, it doesn’t happen. These very same people came to expect it, when they saw me, because I’m the type,…. that if I haven’t seen someone in a while, I come bearing gifts…one time my sister said” you don’t have anything for me”?? EVERYTIME she saw me, she asked me if I had money too…I was the family ATM, or thats how they thought of me and when I no longer gave them money or things, our relationship fizzled… when I fell on hard times in my 20s no one was there for me. My kind gestures of love and action was taking for granted. Even an ex boyfriend that never bought me a birthday gift but he got gifts from me 4 times, i dumped him and moved on, lol , hey ya live and you learn…I’m always thinking of others and showing it but I have to scale back on that and it has saved me time and money :). And also it lets me know, whose really there for me and not what I have or and what they can get out of me.

  6. This is so spot on. Your articles are going a long way to helping me understand myself. And most times, just knowing that others with my personality feel the same as I do, as out of place and “other-worldly” has been a huge help!!!! Thanks, you are much appreciated😊

  7. When I embrace the weirdness and know im not going to fit in everything goes smooth. The key is there is a reason for me to exist. For me personally its a spiritual connection that has freed me. I have found large crowds enjoyable recently just because with practice i can be fluid. Being more sensitive concerts are most enjoyable where people are happy and energy is more free flowing. Its a good place to start. Just have confidence that its not a mistake that we are this way.

  8. Thank you Michaela
    Finally found your pages. My family was going to have me committed just recently. I’m 40 years now with these gifts and just recently have had such profound experiences that I had to figure out why I was so different.

    I was focused on a dream and not working. I saw patterns in everything when I let go of what was holding me back. Im not smart but I have these gifts and with passion found a focus.

    They are not going to commit me now and it was coming to that while I isolated in study. I learned to wield these gifts and I landed a job in a large national tech company to start a department that does not even exist yet. Lola. It has become rather common to experience such delights.

    I have had some helpful insights along the way such as knowing that in poverty which we can easily fall into when we want to help the world we will be considered crazy, with money we are briliant! Knowing we are different and knowing we have a porpose makes all the difference.

    Confidence in knowing we are here for a reason is key for me. INFJ empaths can learn to shape the world around them. These gifts are needed in today’s world. Thank you for your work and passsion.

  9. Love the info graphic. 🙂

  10. 13. Being understanding and patient, just knowing that someone has abandonment/trust issues and you can still be there for them, caring still and letting them come to you after they panic.

    14. Being strong for them when they need you to be, not folding like a deck of cards in the wind when times get tough. Being more grounded like a rock, when someone’s sea of emotions washes over you.

    15. Better lover, from a male perspective takes the time to love a woman 12 to 24 hours before actually making love.

    18. Loyal, committal.

    19. Deep conversationalists.

    20. Worldly, more Renaissance in nature.

    21. Well read, tend to be knowledgeable, sincere and kind.

  11. This week I read about the lovely Christmas tradition the people of Iceland have. On Christmas Eve books are exchanged and people spend the rest of the evening reading their book. Often people hop into bed with their book and some chocolate to spend the rest of Christmas Eve reading. Now that sounds like introvert heaven to me!

  12. Merry Christmas to you too Michaela. May 2016 be when many of your dreams come true!

  13. It may also be that being an introvert is a necessary requisite for creative genius. Examples: 1) Albert Einstein was no doubt an introvert who loved to go sailing on his own. Introversion allowed him to image what is was like to travel at the speed of light, and, he could see it. You see two lines in front of you, one of a blue light line and one of a red white line. You can also see around corners. 2) Nikola Tesla, a celibate confirmed bachelor as I am (yes, Michaela, I am the last of the Old Etonian King’s Scholar celibate confirmed bachelors. Why have you never heard of this group ? Because I am the only one left ;-,X). Tesla would spend hours alone frantically working on this experiments. He invented AC current, the Tesla coil and Tesla had suggested many other possibilities such as beaming electricity to households with an end to wiring of any kind. 3) My fellow Old Etonian Ian Fleming, whose marriage late in life in his early 40’s disagreed with Fleming’s introversion. So, every end of year holidays he would “escape” from his socialite wife and to go Goldeneye and write a James Bond 007 novel. A hero that would become the most sophisticated and classy hero spanning a film franchise going on now over 50 years. 4) And, finally, little naughty English Schoolboy Andrew who walks the pathways of the world alone. I am the world’s first Distinguished University Professor of Artificial Intelligence Nanotechnology, a field that I named myself. Will I ever be the genius rivalling these fellows ??? Maybe yes (my IQ is 150), maybe no. But, I have dedicated the rest of my life to the betterment and service of humanity, and, if that means I walk alone for the rest of my life, then I am happy to do so. But, Michaela, you are an absolute expert on Introversion. I have learnt about introversion from you that I have learnt no-where else. If we should ever meet in person, I will humbly kneel down before you in earnest to shown my most humble gratitude. Toodles, Andrew 007

  14. testing

  15. Great info graphics. Thanks Michaela. A great reminder that I’m OK! Just the way I am.

  16. How true! Don’t wish to sound like Scrooge, but roll on January!

  17. Great way to remind the world what we introverts have to offer. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016.

  18. Hi Michaela
    am glad that i finally found your pages, and your articles are so inspiring. Thank you so much,i
    have finally rediscovered myself,well,i thought that something was really wrong with me. It’s just awesome to know that am not alone.



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