How To Feel More Open
& Flirty Around a Man, Even If You’re Quiet and Introverted

Do you shut down around
men you’re attracted to? 

You long to be one of those women who oozes confidence, and knows how to flirt with any man.

But that’s not your reality. Instead you feel just the opposite.

You DON’T always know the perfect thing to say. In fact, you often get tongue-tied around guys you’re attracted to. Not only that.

You worry that you turn men off with your introverted personality: your need for independence and alone time, your reserved nature around those you don’t know, your quietness, your small friend circle.

You get frustrated because you know that if he could just see the real you, he would realize what a great catch you are.

But instead of being the warm, sensual, inviting woman you know you are inside, you put up walls. And it doesn’t end there …

Does this sound like you? 

You struggle with good girl syndrome (more on this later). In other words, you feel like you are unworthy of love just as you are so you have to earn it by following rules, being nice, and impressing a man with your accomplishments

You tend to put up walls with men. It’s as if you have an invisible armour around your heart, and even the most valiant knight can’t break down your barriers. Heck, even you don’t know how to let down your guard and open up.

You feel self-conscious about your quietness. Deep down you believe your quiet nature turns men off and makes you unattractive.

* You find it hard to balance your independence with your desire to have a good man in your life. You know men want to feel needed, but it scares you to let go of control.

You live inside your head. When you’re dating, you analyze and overthink things to the point of mental exhaustion.

If you are nodding your head in agreement with the above description, you’re not alone! So many other introverted women feel exactly the same way. I’ve been there, too.

I spent most of my teens and early twenties feeling like an unattractive wallflower, who never gets the guy.

Thankfully, I realized that my bad luck with men had nothing to do with my quietness or my introversion. Allow me to explain with a quick story.

From heartbreak to a “PhD in dating”

About five years ago I went through a painful breakup. The split left me feeling worthless, and unattractive. So I decided to do something crazy.

I vowed to accept a date with anyone who asked. I also did a lot of mindset and inner work to reconnect with my femininity and send off more sensual vibes.

Since that time, I have gone on well over 100 first dates (just dates, not “hooking up”). I’ve also consulted with top dating coaches, and published a book on introverted charisma, intimacy, and dating.

One of my friends joked that I have my “PhD in dating” and I would have to agree! Instead of feeling awkward, and insecure on dates, I feel like I can be myself. Not only that.

Men respond completely differently to me. They lean in and look at me like I’m a fresh water river in the Sahara. They’re eager to dive in, and find out more about me.

They also say things like, “you’re so different than the other women I’ve gone on dates with,” and “this is the best conversation I’ve ever had on a date”.

The funny thing is that I never try to impress them. I’m not even very talkative.

You really don’t have to be talkative or extroverted to be irresistible to a man.

When you know how to connect with your true sensuality, relax, and open up with a man, he naturally wants to be with you.

I know, I know, easier said than done, right?

Honestly, it really is much easier than you think to be a quiet siren, and attract men who will cross oceans for you.

It all starts with recognizing the most common myths about dating as an introverted woman. Make no mistake, these myths can be extremely damaging to your love life.

In fact, I’m sure these sneaky myths prevent many introverted women from ever finding love. Instead of attracting men, you unknowing repel them.

But it’s not your fault! These myths are deeply engrained in our society, and you’ve likely been unknowingly buying into them since childhood.

4 Sneaky Myths That Block Love & Keep Introverted Women Stuck

Myth #1: Sensuality is a sin

A lot of introverted women shun sensuality as something that is sinful and “not nice”. This is a big fat myth! Here is the truth:

Your sensuality, which is your ability to connect with and ENJOY your senses, is your #1 attraction factor.

It’s what makes men notice you, adore you, think about you non-stop, and want to be with you. Your sensuality creates the yin to a man’s yang.  And there is really no faking it.
Unfortunately, so many introverted women try to replace their innate sensuality with outer appearances and accomplishments, which brings us to the next myth …

Myth #2: You can “win” his heart with looks, brains, and accomplishments

So many of the thousands of introverted women I’ve heard from have clear signs of what I call “good girl syndrome”.

Good girl syndrome makes you think you have to earn love. It is that little voice that tells you to do, say, please, and achieve your way to love.

The problem is that you can’t earn a man’s love by being nice, perfect, smart, or even gorgeous. A man doesn’t connect deeply with outward accomplishments.

He connects with the feminine, feeling, sensual woman you naturally are on the INSIDE. All the stuff you’ve been doing to try to impress and earn love has actually been putting up walls.

That’s why my Quiet Siren Masterclass helps you break down your own walls, and reconnect with your sensuality so that you become effortlessly irresistible. Because here’s the thing.

Following a bunch of rules, playing games, and trying to impress a man is not going to work — at least not for very long.

What will work is to heal your good girl mindset, and replace it with the authentic sensuality of a quiet siren.

Myth #3: Quietness is awkward and unattractive

I dare say this is the biggest myth that introverted women struggle with from a young age. We are taught that flirting is an extrovert’s game. If you are quiet, you are a wallflower that men don’t notice.

This leaves introverted women wondering how to connect with a man when you have no idea what to say to him.

It’s frustrating because there is such a disconnect between what you want to share, and what actually comes out of your mouth.

You wish you could express your true thoughts and feelings with him. But you feel inhibited. You just don’t know what to say, and the more you like a man, the harder it gets to find the right words.

The truth is that words do matter when it comes to attraction and connection. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to be a Chatty Cathy.

In Quiet Siren I show you how to connect with a man deeply without saying a word. I also give you scripts to get you started when you don’t know what to say.

You’ll see that you don’t have to say much to draw a man in AUTHENTICALLY (no being fake or manipulative). You can work with your introverted nature. And It can all be so much easier than you ever thought.

Myth #4: Dating is difficult and scary
Many introverted women find dating insanely overwhelming. You spend so much time inside your head before the date, fantasizing, worrying, and judging, that it’s impossible to relax.

Every date feels like a job interview. Dating becomes work. How often do you feel playful, and sensual at work?

The moment you see dating as something heavy, difficult, and scary, every date feels about as magical and romantic as an office cubicle. But there’s a better way.

Dating can be lighthearted, easy, and even fun. The secret is to master the three ex’s of quiet attraction on a date: explore, exhale, and express.

In Quiet Siren go into detail on how to master all three ex’s so that you feel relaxed and open on every date. These tools also work to revive a relationship that’s grown cold.

I know how easy it is to spend years stuck in the same pattern of feeling undesirable and lonely. It’s hard to know the exact steps to break down your own walls, and attract the love you deserve.

My Quiet Siren Masterclass Gives You Tools To Open Up, Reconnect With Your Sensuality, And Be Irresistible To a Man — Even If You’re Introverted And Shy 

With Quiet Siren You Discover… 

* Attraction secrets to trigger intense attraction and devotion in a man, without manipulation or games

* Mindset shifts to heal your ‘good girl syndrome’, reconnect with your sensuality, and become a quiet siren

* Easy visualizations to let go of your fears and anxieties about dating, and feel more relaxed and open with men

* Siren scripts to say more with less, so that you can express yourself in a way that connects straight with a man’s heart

* Heart-opening tools to break down your own walls, and start revealing your true self on dates (and in a relationship), even if you’re normally very closed off

* Body language secrets to draw a man in without saying a word (it’s easier than you think!)

* Magic mantras to create a more confident, sensual mindset that transforms you into a man magnet


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Best known for her popular website, Introvert Spring, which has received over 2.7 million visitors since its creation, Michaela has been prolific in sharing her expertise on the topic of introversion. Here work has been featured in Huffpost, The Globe and Mail, INC, FLARE Magazine, CBC Radio, and The Chicago Tribune, to name a few.

Praise For My Methods:

“I did QS in around mid-2017. I was the one who’d recently separated from her husband and was quite surprised to find myself interested in a particular guy who’d seemed very interested at first, and then pulled back. But something about the openness and vulnerability must’ve clicked, because that guy started showing up to events I was hosting. We started dating exclusively a few months after that and… we’re talking about getting a place together later this year.”
Catherine H.
Quiet Siren Student

“Working with Michaela was a breath of fresh air. I felt that the lessons, tools and assignments were very organized, upbeat and left me feeling empowered by my introvert characteristics…I find myself mindfully practicing femininity, even around strangers and women. It’s been a nice mindset shift to boost confidence.”
Laura R
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“I am happy to recommend Michaela’s personal coaching for dating and relationship success. I have been amazed at how quickly things have manifested in my life by following her advice. I started by using Michaela’s system that showed me how to become a more naturally attractive person…When I took her advice and went to a meeting of like-minded people, I was approached by a beautiful young woman and we immediately engaged in a heartfelt conversation. I am now in the process of getting to know what an awesome woman she is.”
Peter B.
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Michaela gave me excellent practical coaching with regard to dating. Everything from conversation starters to style advice was covered and she knows what she’s talking about. She will not attempt to change who you are at your core, she will just help you develop and present your best self.”
Travis P
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