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For The Highly Sensitive Intro
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With Michaela Chung & Alexa Linton

Overcome Mental And Emotional Overwhelm And Cultivate
Consistent Energy.

As a highly senstive introvert, you're familiar with the effects of overstimulation.

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you try, there are just too many factors working against you.

Loud noises, strong odors, and busy environments drain you. And let's not forget the #1 culprit for overwhelm: other people.

You find yourself sponging the energies and emotions of others. You don't know where your energy ends and theirs begins. And it is exhausting as hell.

One thing is for sure - your own emotions are just as draining. Sometimes more so. You could be doing everying right: getting lots of sleep, eating well, and exercising.

But then an unexpected emotional tsunami hits you, and takes you out for days. Maybe even weeks.

"You're Weak"

You were told you were weak because of your sensitivity. This led you to believe your sensitivity was a setback.

This is exactly how my friend Alexa Linton, who is an energy healer and Body Talk therapist, felt when she first learned she was highly sensitive. While chatting with Alexa over Skype recently, she admitted:

“When my mom first gave me the book The Highly Sensitive Person [by Elaine Aron], I was insulted.”

Initially, Alexa had bought into the idea that being highly sensitive means you are weak, or defective.

“But later I realized that being highly sensitive comes with so many amazing gifts!" explained Alexa. "I wouldn’t be able to help people the way that I do without it."

I knew exactly what she meant because I feel the same way. Being highly sensitive has helped me to intuitively understand the needs of my clients and students and offer them clarity surrounding confusing and sometimes painful areas of their life.

                    Healing For Highly Sensitive Introverts

Since Alexa and I are both highly sensitive coaches with a deep understanding of the energy challenges of HSP introverts, we decided to join forces to create a unique course exclusively for highly sensitive introverts who are emotionally, physically, and/or mentally depleted.

Join us and learn how to use the wisdom of your own body to stop energy leaks and restore balance.


                       Is This Course Right For You?

Advanced Energy Healing For Highly Sensitive Introverts is different than other courses because it is designed with the specific challenges and needs of HSP introverts in mind.

We offer tools to deal with overstimulation and overwhelm, while also helping you create simple practices that rejuvenate your life.

This course is for you if ...

You are a highly sensitive introvert who struggles with energy drain, overwhelm, and fatigue.

You are overwhelmed by your own emotions, and sometimes find it hard to work or even get out of bed when you are emotionally triggered.

You have deep-seated emotional traumas that you wish to finally heal and release.

You have tried other things to cope with energy drain and overstimulation, but can't seem to get ahead.

You are deeply affected by the moods and emotions of others, sometimes even feeling their sadness or sickness in your own body.

You feel frustrated by your unpredictable energy levels and want to develop a consistent sense of vitality and flow.

You have tried to cope on your own, but feel like you are swimming upstream. 

You are ready to accept the gentle support and guidance needed for deep healing and restoration.  

         With Advanced Energy Healing You’ll Discover:

**How to use advanced energy alchemy techniques to prevent overwhelm and rejuvenate your body and mind 

**The secret to creating an energetic foundation for consistent energy flow

**How to master the energy dynamics of your relationships so you’re no longer overwhelmed by other people’s emotions

**The anatomy of energy and how your brain, body and mind impact your energy levels, particularly if you are highly sensitive

**How to heal and release emotional traumas that have been draining your vitality

**Energy healing visualizations and MP3s for restoring and stabilizing your energy

**How to identify and deactivate emotional triggers that sabotage your vitality

**A lifestyle blueprint for consistent energy, even if you are prone to burnout

**An ancient technique to filter your energy so that it is more powerful, focused and consistent

                       Live Energy Healing Sessions

The course includes three live group energy healing sessions conducted by Alexa Linton.  These sessions take place during our webinar classes.

Alexa will intuit the specific energy needs of the group and use energy alchemy techniques to facilitate healing. You do not have to volunteer or speak on camera to take part in this. 


Weekly Energy Lessons

Week 1: Foundations of Energy Alchemy For The HSP Introvert

The mind body connection and the effects of overstimulation are crucial topics for highly sensitive introverts to understand.  In this first video lesson, you’ll learn how the HSP mind works and how this impacts your energy systems.  

You’ll also discover the pillars of energy alchemy and how to apply them in your daily life.

Week 2: Creating Energy Sovereignty

Has overstimulation ever left you feeling scattered and foggy? During this live webinar class, You’ll discover energy alchemy techniques to focus and filter your energy so that it is no longer needlessly wasted.

You’ll also learn how to stop sponging other people’s emotions and be your own energy source. This lesson includes a live group energy healing session conducted by Alexa Linton.

Week 3: Energy Dynamics In Relationships

One of the most frustrating sources of overwhelm for highly sensitive introverts is our relationships. People are very stimulating. If we’re not careful, we are easily thrown off balance by the energies and emotions of others.

In this video lesson, you’ll discover how your relationships influence your energy and how to cut the energetic cord between you and others. This lesson includes a downloadable Hydration MP3 for cellular replenishment and total body restoration.

Week 4: Energy Keys To Prevent Overwhelm

Highly sensitive introverts are prone to overwhelm. Busy environments, loud noises, people, and the stresses of daily life can all quickly cause mental and physical exhaustion for HSP introverts. In this live webinar class you’ll discover the energy keys for consistent energy no matter what is happening in your life.  

You’ll also be given specific tools to prevent overwhelm and create more clarity and calm in your daily life. This lesson includes a live group energy healing session conducted by Alexa Linton.

Week 5: Deactivating The Invisible Minefield

Since highly sensitive introverts feel emotions deeply, we are easily thrown off balance by our own emotions.  These emotions are often set off by invisible triggers.  

In this video lesson you’ll learn how to identify your emotional triggers and deactivate them so you can have a more peaceful life.  You’ll also discover an exercise for reconnecting with your body and releasing any energy blocks.

Week 6: Energetic Healing For Emotional Traumas

Until we release them, past emotional traumas stay with us and sabotage our vitality.  In this live webinar lesson you’ll learn how your emotional traumas impact your energy system  and how to release them.  

You’ll also discover how to restore energy leakages daily so you don’t experience drastic dips in energy that wipe you out for weeks. This lesson includes a live group energy healing session conducted by Alexa Linton.


Yes! I Know That When I Signup For Advanced Energy Healing For $297, I'll Get ...

  • 3 live webinars including live group energy healing sessions led by energy healer and Body Talk therapist Alexa Linton
  • 3 video lessons that teach advanced energy alchemy concepts and techniques for consistent energy
  • Downloadable exercises and MP3s
  • Access to a private member’s page where all videos, and MP3s can be watched and downloaded
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 energy healing session with Alexa Linton delivered via Skype


Sessions with Alexa have supported me to move through stuck places and open more to the potential that has been lying dormant beneath the belief systems and patterns that have been holding me back in my personal and professional life. There are too many great things to count! I have experienced massive positive shifts in my life and the journey continues! —Christy Greenwood, Reflections Holistic Retreat

I think what I love most about BodyTalk with Alexa is my and Libby’s continuous unfolding. I feel like I’m on a grand adventure of discovery, exploring an infinite pool of awareness and energy through this partnership with Libby. Although energy work has been practiced for centuries, I feel like humankind is at the tipping point of fully embracing energy work and I love that Libby and I are examples of the kind of incredible transformation possible. —Geri Ramsey, Level Eight Coaching

It is my pleasure to offer a testimonial for Alexa Linton. She’s talented, skilled, intuitive, caring and a great process holder (as a coach, trainer, facilitator and holding the BodyTalk space). She’s enabled me to more effectively process a myriad of professional and personal issues, with effective and lasting results (less stress, tension and pressure, and more relaxation, ease, and enjoyment … plus improvements in office interactions and personal relationships).
—Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach & Interactive-Visuals Mentor

I really got a lot out of the course.  I learned from all of the webinars.  You really understand all the problems introverts struggle with (introvert energy, giving yourself permission to end a conversation). Thanks for creating that course. - Amy V, USA

I hope you realize that your conclusions were beyond the grasp of no less than two counselors, both of which held a Ph.D in psychology and a few random social workers.  You cracked the code I had been working on for decades.   You helped me find myself at the ripe old age of 59, but as the old saying goes, better late than never I guess.  Anyway, I don't know where you came from but thank god you're here.  - Brian K, USA

"I have nothing to say but very positive things about Michaela. She is an exceptionally insightful, caring, and resourceful Introvert Coach who can come up with a personalized plan for you to break out of your rut and become the best you can possibly be and feel better than you could ever imagine. - Cecilia Farmer, California, USA


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