How to Be Funny In Conversation

Without Trying Too Hard

Ever dreamed of being witty and funny in conversation and by text?

Maybe you’re an introvert who can be playful in certain situations, but at other times you feel self-conscious and serious.

Or you come up with something funny to say…10 minutes too late.

I understand the struggle!

As an introvert, I know how it feels to…

  • Be dismissed as the quiet, serious one, even though you have a secret silly side
  • Fantasize about being the person who tells hilarious stories that make people laugh out loud
  • Overthink about whether to make a joke until the moment has passed
  • Feel inhibited by the introvert label (“can I really be funny and introverted?)

In 2018 I began doing stand-up comedy…

Before I even set foot on stage I took a 5-day standup comedy writing and performance intensive in Las Vegas.

I learned the science of telling jokes, including several joke structures used by all the world’s best comedians.

I also discovered exercises to quickly come up with jokes about anything.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in some of the top clubs and theatres in Canada in front of hundreds of people. My stand-up has also been featured on CBC Radio and Just for Laughs.

It’s been an amazing journey. Along the way I’ve discovered how to adapt what I’ve learned as a comedian to everyday conversations.

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in a workshop specifically designed to help introverts be funny and witty in conversation and by text.

During the 1.5-hour workshop recording you’ll discover:

  • 3 Laughter triggers that make people LOL
  • 5 Proven joke structures to become 10x funnier in conversation and texts
  • Easy and fun exercises to prime your brain to be witty and funny
  • Steps to tell humorous stories, even if you’re normally “the quiet one”
  • The chance to put it all into practice during the workshop
  • Lifetime access to the workshop recording and notes

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    Here’s What People Are Saying

    “Michaela’s workshop on how to be funny was incredibly insightful. She gave us a deep dive into her creative joke writing process as a comedian, and she really helped us understand how to use tactics, such as reversing expectations and word play, to tell compelling and funny stories. The workshop was broken down into digestible segments. We even got to put what we learned into practice at the end of each segment. So it was easy to later apply what I learned in conversations and writing.”
    Fabio Ricci

    “Thanks to Michaela’s workshop, I have some great new tools to liven up my work presentations and writing. She taught me some great ways to find the funny in almost everything, using brainstorming exercises that build on timeless comedic patterns. As a result, my content has become 10x more hilarious.”
    Jennifer Priest

    “Michaela explained the ‘science’ of being funny in a way that was fun and easy to understand. Thanks to the easy joke writing exercises, by the end I had come up with several jokes that actually made the other attendees laugh out loud. I also loved the examples and clear joke structures she outlined. It really helped me to be more funny at work and in social situations.”
    Chris Zugar

    “Michaela hosted a workshop on ‘How to Write Jokes’ for our community. She broke down the key components of a joke – from setup to punchline – in a way that was accessible, fun and interactive and created a warm space for participants to try out their own material.”
    Gina Babinec

    “Even though I feel like I have a good sense of humour, I often struggle to be playful around women I like. During 1:1 coaching with Michaela, I learned exercises to be more loose and funny. She also gave me tips to naturally integrate what I learned into conversations without trying too hard.”

    What to Expect

    The 1.5- hour Zoom workshop is broken down into 3 parts:

    Part 1: Laughter Triggers

    Discover the key factors that make people laugh so you can easily find the humour in anything.

    Part 2: Prime Your Brain for Humour

    We’ll do exercises to flip the humour switch in your brain and be naturally witty in conversations.

    Part 3: Joke Structures

    Learn proven joke structures that top comedians use to tell hilarious stories and one-liners. You’ll also discover how to adapt them for conversations and texting.

    Is This Live or a Recording?

    This is a recording and notes which you’ll have instant, lifetime access to.

    Is There a Guarantee?

    Yes, the workshop is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Is it really possible to learn how to be funny?

    Yes! There really is a science to humour and I break it down for you in this fun, workshop.

    Imagine being able to be witty and playful in conversations, on dates and by text—even if you normally overthink what to say.

    I’ll help you find the funny in anything so you can start making people LOL at your next social event!

    Get Instant Access for $67

    The workshop recording link will be sent via email.

    Meet Your Mentor

    Michaela Chung an author, coach and comedian who has performed in top clubs all over Canada. She is the author of The Irresistible Introvert andThe Year of The Introvert. Her work has been featured in Forbes and ABC’s Tamron Hall Show. Her stand-up comedy has been featured on CBC Radio and Just for Laughs.

    Michaela Chung Tamron Hall