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What is an introvert?

Introverts gain energy by being alone. Stimulating environments and social situations are draining for introverts. We can only handle so much before we MUST restore ourselves in solitude.

This is where many people are confused about introversion. It’s not about wanting to avoid people because of shyness, or sadness. Introverts NEED to spend time alone to feel at our best. Plain and simple.

In contrast, extroverts are energized by socializing. They get a buzz from the very activities that overwhelm introverts. When extroverts spend too much time alone, they feel bored and depleted.

Neither personality type is superior, we simply have different needs.

You are just amazing Michaela and your writing has turned my life around. Thank you.

Maria B, Ireland

Every word I’m reading and sitting there like, “Wow, she really gets how I feel!”

Pooja N, India


How to be an Introverted Boss

Do you ever get sick of hearing advice about how to fix your introversion? Thoughtful introverts really take criticism, or even well-meaning advice, to heart. We tend to overthink our flaws and downplay our amazing strengths. That’s why today’s article is all about...

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This is so hard for introverts

Does anyone else find this scenario really annoying? You walk into a cafe, kindle in tow, in the hopes of having a nice warm drink and nibbling on some fiction. But when you get there, electronic music blasts from the speakers. You sit and wonder whose brilliant idea...

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TONG-TIED! 4 Tips to Speak a New Language as an Introvert

Being an introvert through and through, I struggle with certain communication challenges that extroverts just don’t get. I often speak more slowly, and have trouble finding the right words. And that’s when I’m talking in English. Trying to speak a new language is a...

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Why INFJs Chase Unhealthy Relationships

If you’re an INFJ like me, then you’ve probably experienced the pain of being in an unhealthy relationship. We are like magnets for toxic and narcissistic people. But this isn’t your fault. Our personality type is like sweet nectar that attracts unstable and needy...

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Daily Habits For Introvert Happiness

For introverts, coming up with the right daily routine can be tough. Often, we’re so used to designing our life around the expectations of others, that we don’t even know what daily habits will make us happy. There is a constant push and pull throwing us off balance....

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I don’t want to talk to you…except when I do

Dear Innie Friend, Oh, I’m tired today! I have been in Puerto Vallarta for about ten days now, and I spent the first week doing and seeing so much. As an introvert, I tend to be like a social camel, storing up energy and then spending it all at once. I don’t really...

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The INFJ Guilt Spiral: 3 Ways to Regain Confidence

INFJs feel guilty all the time. No matter what we say or do, INFJs always feel like we could have done more. It’s an endless cycle of self-doubt combined with perfectionism that creates a messy conundrum. Saying this, I have a confession to make. I feel guilty all the...

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An Introvert’s Strange Behavior Decoded

Here’s the thing about introverts. A lot of people don’t understand our ‘strange’ behavior. Instead of trying to understand, they usually make assumptions that are way off base. I don’t really blame them. People see the world through the lens of their own experiences....

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The Introvert Resting B*tch Face

Has anyone ever asked you why you’re so serious? Or maybe they thought you were angry when you were happily daydreaming. Chances are they were confused by what I call your “introvert resting b*tch face”. The pain of having a resting b*tch face Introverts get a lot of...

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INFJ: Empathy Is My Superpower

Empathy is often seen as a weakness, even for the INFJ personality. The main reason why is because many believe that feeling and caring too much for others is a waste of time. The modern world constantly screams at us to completely disregard emotions and concern....

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Just noticed, I’m reading every mail you sent! Thanks a lot, you are part of my “evolution”.
I have no words to express how it can help me!
Morgane, Belgium

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I must say, i was more than once very surprised and impressed by your messages. Your work is really very good and introspective.

Marc, USA

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