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What is an introvert?

Introverts gain energy by being alone. Stimulating environments and social situations are draining for introverts. We can only handle so much before we MUST restore ourselves in solitude.

This is where many people are confused about introversion. It’s not about wanting to avoid people because of shyness, or sadness. Introverts NEED to spend time alone to feel at our best. Plain and simple.

In contrast, extroverts are energized by socializing. They get a buzz from the very activities that overwhelm introverts. When extroverts spend too much time alone, they feel bored and depleted.

Neither personality type is superior, we simply have different needs.

You are just amazing Michaela and your writing has turned my life around. Thank you.

Maria B, Ireland

Every word I’m reading and sitting there like, “Wow, she really gets how I feel!”

Pooja N, India


Why Introverts Can Be Extremely Good at Massage

The Main Reasons Why Introverts Can Actually Be Extremely Good at Massage Introverts suit jobs that require limited interaction, independence, and as much privacy as they can get. Massage therapy is a viable career that ticks all of those needs. By being a masseuse or...

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6 Empath Problems + How to Cope

When you’re an empath you're an anomaly to most people, even yourself. You see and feel the world differently than others because you're sensitive to subtle energies and emotions. Being an empath in the chaotic world in which we live means that you're often...

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An Introvert’s Take on Music

“What kind of music do you listen to?” has become one of the most commonly used icebreakers. It’s also a question that most introverts dread. For introverts, music is a way to relax and turn inward. We love the way music transports us to another place, especially when...

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What a Highly Sensitive Person Wishes She Knew Sooner

I’m a highly sensitive person. That means that I am sensitive to stimuli, particularly emotions, loud noises, smells, and busy environments. Nowadays, I know that my sensitivity comes with many advantages, but it wasn’t always this way. Before I knew that I am a...

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How to Deal With Social Overwhelm

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed while socializing that you just wanted to run and hide? A lot of introverts struggle with social overwhelm, especially during this time of year when there is so much going on. Trust me when I say that I am painfully familiar with this...

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Why Anxiety Is so Devastating for INFJs

Have you ever wondered why so many INFJs have anxiety? Or why it’s such a taboo topic, especially among introverts? Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people have anxiety. But when you consider the fact that there’s only around 1.2% of INFJs worldwide, you might think: Are...

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How an Introvert Can Become a Confident Entrepreneur

One aspect of being an introvert that often gives rise to feelings of stress is the thought of networking with other people, especially in a business context. And I'm speaking from personal experience. In my job, a lot of day-to-day activity is dependent on my ability...

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Why Highly Sensitive People Overthink So Much

Do you overthink decisions? Highly sensitive people have a tendency to overthink in a way not everyone understands. Overthinking can make us anxious and self-critical when we feel like we just can’t turn it off. That’s how I’ve felt most of my life. I can’t tell you...

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Why Online Dating is Tailor-Made for the Introvert

Of all the social situations an introvert faces, surely one of the most daunting of all is dating. This is an issue I am addressing from first-hand experience. As a single male I often found myself being dragged into noisy bars by friends, most of whom relished the...

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Just noticed, I’m reading every mail you sent! Thanks a lot, you are part of my “evolution”.
I have no words to express how it can help me!
Morgane, Belgium

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I must say, i was more than once very surprised and impressed by your messages. Your work is really very good and introspective.

Marc, USA

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