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What is an introvert?

Introverts gain energy by being alone. Stimulating environments and social situations are draining for introverts. We can only handle so much before we MUST restore ourselves in solitude.

This is where many people are confused about introversion. It’s not about wanting to avoid people because of shyness, or sadness. Introverts NEED to spend time alone to feel at our best. Plain and simple.

In contrast, extroverts are energized by socializing. They get a buzz from the very activities that overwhelm introverts. When extroverts spend too much time alone, they feel bored and depleted.

Neither personality type is superior, we simply have different needs.

You are just amazing Michaela and your writing has turned my life around. Thank you.

Maria B, Ireland

Every word I’m reading and sitting there like, “Wow, she really gets how I feel!”

Pooja N, India


6 Crucial Self-Care Tips For Introverted Women

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First Date Checklist for Introverted Women

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Making Friends as an Introvert 

If you’ve ever tried making friends as an introvert, you might have found it challenging. Making friends as an adult introvert can feel next to impossible. There is good reason for this. Gone are the days when you could plop yourself down next to a random kid in the...

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The INFJ Dark Side

I’m an eternal optimist and a fierce defender of everything the INFJ personality represents. As a professional coach focused on INFJs, it’s my job and calling to see that hidden potential you have, and to show you how to let it out without guilt. But the term “INFJ...

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How to Make an Introvert Fall in Love

How do you make an introvert fall in love? If you're reading this article, you might already know that it's not so straightforward. Introverts are an anomaly to many because we don't wear our emotions on our sleeve. We keep our greatest treasures hidden, secretly...

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Just noticed, I’m reading every mail you sent! Thanks a lot, you are part of my “evolution”.
I have no words to express how it can help me!
Morgane, Belgium

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I must say, i was more than once very surprised and impressed by your messages. Your work is really very good and introspective.

Marc, USA

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