Audio 1: Overcoming Introvert Communication Problems

Many introverts have a hard time communicating their thoughts. In this audio, Pat Weber, author of the Communication Toolkit For Introverts and I discuss 6 essential communication tips for introverts

Audio 2: Mastering The Approach

Approaching others can be intimidating for anyone. Add on that the overstimulation, overwhelm, and overthinking introverts struggle with, and it’s no surprise this is a big innie problem. In this audio, introvert dating coach Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha and I discuss how to attract and approach others authentically as an introvert.

Audio 3: Energy Management For The Ambitious Introvert

Energy drain is one of the biggest problems introverts face. In this audio, heart-centred introvert biz coach, Tanja Gardner of Conscious Introvert Success and I talk about how to be productive in your career or business while also managing energy levels

Audio 4: Let Your Innie Light Shine

Introverts have a tendency to let others shine, while forgetting that we can shine, too. In this audio, musician and introvert blogger, Andy Mort, will be joining me to talk about how introverts can share their gifts in their own quiet way.

Audio 5: Making Internet Friends As An Introvert

Making authentic connections can be challenging for introverts. Luckily, the Internet can be a valuable tool for meeting the right people. This audio interview with Varonica Frye, creator of HugYourFear.com offers some valuable tips on how to break through the noise of the Internet and make valuable connections.

Audio 6: How Introverts Can Navigate The Workplace

Many innies find it hard to navigate extrovert-centric workplaces. In this audio, Phillip Richard, founder of working quietly.com and I discuss how introverts can thrive in highly extroverted work environments.

Audio 7: From Fear To Fulfillment

Our fears are like an invisible force holding us back from our true potential. This audio features an interview with wheelchair warrior, endurance athlete and musician, Sonny Davis.
Sonny shares how to move from fear to fulfillment as an introvert.