Meet The INFJ Forum Team

I’m Michaela Chung, the creator of Introvert Spring and author of The Irresistible Introvert. I’m an INFP to a T, but I work with a dedicated and AMAZING group of INFJs who help make this forum sparkle in its own special way! šŸ˜‰
Hi, Iā€™m Marko Kircanski, the Introvert Spring INFJ forum coordinator. I’m a writer and marketing expert, with a rich background in leadership and communications. Right now, my biggest passion is helping to grow the Introvert Spring INFJ forum, so INFJs have a place to feel seen, understood, and inspired.
Hello, Sharif Here. I’m a moderator here in the INFJ Forum. Introverted in personality. Bangladeshi in nationality. Passionate about Sports and Film. Currently pursuing a career in Software Development. Find me on Facebook:
My name is Jackson Knowlton. I’m the Tech Liaison for the INFJ forum. I’m an 18 year old software engineer from Kansas City in the United States. If you have any technical issues, I’m your guy. You can reach me at:
My Greek name is Sotirios Andriotis though you can just call me Steve. I’m a moderator for the INFJ forum. I’m born in Australia with a Greek family background. I was drawn here to connect with other INFJs as well as learn what it means to be an INFJ. I play the Bass Guitar, and love playing a song that just grooves. I’m also into fitness and health. Then I could be a bit of a nerd and enjoy a bit of Mathematics and Physics as well as topics that question life. One of my biggest interests is listening to and caring for my friends.
INFJ Forum moderator, IT Consultant, Self Proclaimed Artist and fellow INFJ. Yup, that’s me pretty much in a nutshell. What’s my name you ask? Lourens from South Africa. My hobbies you ask? Rather simple really, Sleeping, Drawing, Reading and of course meeting other INFJ’s, prioritized in that order :). I am a Coffee lover and vivid pc gamer. So… you now know me better than 50% of the people who “think” they know me ;).