It's Okay To Be An Introvert

I started this site because I knew a lot of other introverts felt the same way I did – ashamed and misunderstood. I wanted to let them know that it’s okay to be an introvert. A lot has happened since starting Introvert Spring almost three years ago. Everyday, the site helps thousands of visitors quietly revolutionize the way they see themselves. I’ve written over 300 articles, and two ebooks. My popular infographicsYouTube videos and viral blogs have been shared hundreds of thousands of times across the internet. Read on to find out what I’m most proud of.
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Michaela is the introvert’s introvert. She is the fresh new face of introversion—talented, eloquent, and self-aware. Her work for Introvert Spring is a leading voice for the introvert community. I am happy to know her and we are all lucky to have her. Dr. Arnie Kozak

Author of The Awakened Introvert

About Michaela

I am an introvert author, coach and entrepreneur. My first real, live, hold-it-in-your-hands book baby, The Irresistible Introvert: Harness The Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World, is out now!  I also share my best resources and exercises for being a confident and compelling introvert in my two online courses.

But my most important credential is my personal story. Three years ago, I quit my job, sold everything that wouldn’t fit in a suitcase, and set out on my hero’s journey toward a life of greater meaning and purpose. Since then, I’ve visited 12 countries on 5 continents. I’ve lived in Mexico, Australia, and Canada, and spent a good chunk of time in the U.S.A, Thailand and Colombia.

It turns out my purpose is to help other introverts embrace who they are and live their best innie life. As a member of my introvert tribe, you, dearest, have been an important part of my journey. Thank you.

We introverts are in this together.

Now it’s your turn to go on your own hero’s journey. Don’t worry, you can do it right where you are. The true odyssey is the journey inward. Happy travels, innie friend.



Michaela Chung doesn’t mess around. She is passionate about helping the gentler and more introverted person thrive. Her intelligence, sensitivity, and depth are contributing to the important change in how we all think of and treat introverts in the world Sarah Jones

Introvert Dating Coach at Introverted Alpha

Michaela is the go-to coach for you if you are ready to unleash your introvert x-factor. I never miss a post on Introvert Spring because Michaela always delivers supportive advice for her tribe; pouring tons of heart into guiding all of us along our introvert journies. Introverts by Jade

After working with Michaela I’ve found that I was going about it all wrong, what I really needed to do was understand myself and introversion more and embrace it. I couldn’t recommend coaching and learning from Michaela enough Josh G, U.S.A

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I now have a lot more confidence in my approach with people and also has helped me identify other people’s possible strengths and weaknesses. I am glad that I connected with Michaela as she is a genuine person – she is an angel of the internet! Wayne B, Australia

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Michaela Chung is an introvert author, coach and entrepreneur. Her first book, The Irresistible Introvert will be out July 5th 2016. Copyright: © Michaela Chung 2016 Photos by Richard Seagris