dating introverted girl

The ability to touch a girl is one of the most important moments in the transition from friendship to something deeper and more intimate. But when you’re dating an introverted girl, it can be tough to break the touch barrier. Introverted girls can be hard to read and even harder to get close to.

But breaking the touch barrier is crucial, because if you don’t touch a girl, then your relationship will never reach something more intimate. In this article, we’ll talk about how to break the touch barrier with an introverted girl and techniques to get close naturally.

These tips work like magic whether you meet an introverted girl in person, or you start your relationship through an online dating site.

Do everything on time

All people have a zone of intimate space. When a stranger invades this area, there is a feeling of discomfort. So, don’t immediately grab a girl and kiss her on the lips, especially if she’s introverted.

You need to build trust and move at the right pace with an introverted girl. Do everything gradually so that she understands that she is yours. Start with fleeting touches and slowly move to closer contact. Thus, you will earn her trust and be able to freely touch your girlfriend in the future. Most often, the guy is expected to initiate touch with a girl. Girls are more afraid of rejection by nature. You can put her at ease with your confidence.

The secret is to play first. If your friend is into you, then she will be involved in the process. But the beginning and the general course of the game is usually yours.

Many guys lose at this stage because they rush things. They try to actively touch and kiss girls right from the moment they start dating. But this is unnatural behavior, and it most often causes alertness on a subconscious level. Your first priority is to gain trust. If you want to build a trusting relationship, act smoothly. Gradually apply more and more intimate touches.

Avoid this common mistake

It is also useless to delay the first contact. It is best to start an acquaintance with a handshake. She introduces herself, extends her hand, and you shake it. That’s all. This gesture is the norm in our society. It serves to establish trust between you. Be sure to smile when your hands meet. Then you can move on to more active contact. But this should be done after you establish some rapport by connecting in conversation and stirring positive emotions in her.

Fleeting touches

Touch should accompany your conversation. You shouldn’t just grab her hand, and then frantically touch her hair and legs. Simply touch her in the process of dialogue.

For example, you say “Now I will tell you something” and touch her hand, elbow, or knee. Such fleeting touches allow an introverted girl to get used to you. In addition, you will let her understand that you are not just interested in her as a friend. Touch different non-sexual parts of her body first: fingers, hand, forearm, shoulder, neck, and so on. And each time, change the intensity and duration of the touch. You don’t need to grab a girl every time and hold her tight.

How to hug a girl

You can hug a girl when you see that she is leaning towards you with her body. If she sticks to you when you are sitting next to her, hug her without a doubt. She wants it. If you have already established positive contact, but there is still no strong traction, you can offer to take a selfie together. When you’re going to take the photo, hug her.

In general, when it comes to touch, the most important factor is her reciprocity. Any of your initiatives will be perceived positively if she feels good with you. All girls love confident men. Ideally, you yourself should enjoy the process. Act and have fun! Believe me – she will be pleased too.