introvert problems

Hello innie friend!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re going about your business, running errands, ticking off your to-do list, and just being your awesome innie self when all of a sudden, without warning, your eyes glaze over,  you forget about the task at hand, and you become completely absorbed in your own thoughts.

This moment of being in the introvert zone, as I like to call it, might last a few seconds or a few minutes.  During this time you take on zombie-like qualities, such as unusually slow movements, and a vacant expression.  It is as if you have left your body and camped out inside your own mind.

introvert problemsThen, something happens to bring you back to reality, and you realize you have been standing in front of the same section of the meat aisle for two minutes.  Meanwhile, a tired-looking middle-aged man has been trying to find a polite way to get you to move so he can access the eye-of-round roast that is on special.

This is exactly what happened to me earlier today.

I felt embarrassed when I realized how strange I must have looked, completely zoned out, staring intensely at packaged beef for an unusually long time. This wasn’t the first time this has happened.

My loud mind has a way of calling me away from the present moment.  Often, my own thoughts are too enticing to ignore. I know that being present is important  (I skimmed the first four pages of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now).  But much of the time, I just can’t help but enter the introvert zone.

In the past this led to people calling me “spacey”.  Nowadays, I’ve gotten better at staying present during one-on-one interactions and in small groups.  But I have to admit that in larger groups, I often zone out as others converse.  Like many introverts, I find group conversations cumbersome and hard to follow. The rich inner landscapes of my own mind easily entice me away from such interactions.

Do you have this introvert problem of zoning out? Do you ever feel embarrassed when you snap back into reality and realize you’ve been in the introvert zone?  


michalea chung



Michaela Chung