The top 10 advantages of being an introvert

If there’s anything the world should take away from best selling books like The Introvert Advantage and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, it’s that there are definite positives to being an introvert.

We are quietly crawling out of the pit that Western society shoved us into in the 20th century and we’re finally getting the credit we deserve.  In case you missed all the memos, here is a list of the top ten advantages of being an introvert right now.

1. We choose our words carefully so others don’t have to wade through a river of bullsh** to understand what we are saying.

2. We have imagination and rich inner worlds.

3. We are more likely to access our innermost thoughts and creative ideas because we embrace solitude.

4. We are capable of great focus, which comes in handy when completing pretty much any task that requires extended periods of concentration (advanced mathematics, writing, art, science, etc.).

5. We tend to process greater volumes of information in any given situation.  It is for this reason that we tire more easily from overstimulation. For real -Google it!

6. We embody the old adage “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason”.  Everyone likes to be listened to.

7. According to my research, most introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which has obvious advantages.  Personally, I don’t fit into this category because I tend to take a more intuitive, emotional approach to decision making (anyone else out there like me?).

8. We can be quite observant of both environmental and social subtleties.  While others are yammering away, we’re taking everything in and processing it in our ever-active minds.

9. We are well-loved by landlords and the elderly for our quiet, peaceful nature (ever seen an advertisement for a loud, wild, party-loving tenant? Didn’t think so).

10. No longer banished to the world of trolls, hobbits and prudish librarians, we can now bust free from stereotypes and show the world who we really are.

So, who are we?  We are leaders and world-changers; we are dancers, actors, artists and performers; we are scientists, lovers of logic and left-brained geniuses; we are dreamers, adventurers, travelers and enlightenment seekers.

We are introvert revolutionists, striving to change the world in our own quiet way.


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  1. Oh Michaela,

    I love this blog. I grew up an introvert and later succumbed to the pressure to be an extrovert. Same thing happened to my mom. When I first saw Cain’s Ted Talk about “Quiet” months ago, I finally realized what had happened. My introverted self had been squashed by societal pressure. I’m slowly gaining her back. Remembering my introverted self unleashed, basically the person I was before high school, gave me a lot of confidence later in life. When I was just a kid, I was a comic book artist, taught myself Japanese, and wrote novels. Later when I was having trouble focusing, I was able to remember that I was able to do these things. Back in the days when I didn’t shame myself for locking myself away for hours working on my projects.

    The pressure is still on to socialize – even when I tell people I need alone time – but I’m getting better at honoring my introverted needs.

    And yes, you can be an introvert and be guided by intuition. Perhaps you’re an INFP like me?

    • Thanks for your comment Alexandra 🙂 It’s really troubling to know that so many people (myself included) have kept their greatest gifts hidden because of the pressure to behave as an extrovert. Yes, even when we recognize this, the tug of war continues and feelings of guilt are difficult to avoid. At least we know we’re not the only ones. Yes, I think I must be an INFP. Haven’t gotten around to taking the test yet, but all signs point in that direction.

  2. Well put. I recently read the notes that my teachers wrote on my report cards when I was in grade school and junior high back in the 60’s. There were a couple notes about my problem with daydreaming… thank goodness, they weren’t successful with fixing that ‘flaw’ in my character. I still daydresm.

    • It’s amazing how little those childhood report cards correlate with future success. I’m a lifelong daydreamer too 😉 .

      • I can’t believe your proud of that. Makes me wanna cry.

  3. Intuitive and emotional decision-making. Yep that’s me 🙂

    • Good to know I’m not alone! 😉

  4. this is me to a tee..I love being alone..yet I daydream about being outgoing…I never answer a phone,I need to prepare to talk,…I’d like to say I’ll get back to you with a response, and think about it for a while,hours later I will have a response, it just comes to me…someone please respond

  5. odd isn’t it.. now we are glad were not alone

    • Thats a deep comment, man

  6. I would add a number 11:
    11. We, not the extroverts, do the heavy lifting required to change civilizations and societies.

    • I don’t think it’s wise to claim such a grand thing. To us introverts, the heavy lifting is going out and leading teams and socializing with everyone all the time and constantly pushing our boundaries to see our limits… Those are things extroverts naturally excel at.

      I’ve noticed that introverts devise plans, extroverts implement them

  7. I am also Infp most of the time I am surrounded by extroverts even tho my brother is a introvert he is concrete plus my family are all extroverts so nobody except him understands

    P.s love your blog 🙂

    • Thanks, Giselle! Great to connect with a fellow infp 🙂

  8. I’m an INFP and I find myself hibernating a lot. I’m good at writing but not expressing verbally. I found growing up I pretended to be something I wasn’t to fit in. I didn’t fit in at all. I’ve been seen as weak and criticized for my want to be quiet and time doing what I like and that is enjoying my space and quiet.

  9. I thought, i have a personality problems because I don’t think and act like most people do. They always see me as a weird person. I love being in a solitude and prefer to listen and observe than to talk.

    I’m from Philippines and sorry for my grammar.

  10. I think it’s because we are the ones who secretly own this planet! shh

  11. I am in shock today I am sat having a coffee reading a article about introverts, i have never googled the meaning and as I am reading the 10 myths of introverts I am appearing, I always thought I was just weird ,enjoying alone time ,always standing back watching people .I am fifty years old how can you live that long with out realizing what you are .

  12. 7. According to my research, most introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which has obvious advantages. Personally, I don’t fit into this category because I tend to take a more intuitive, emotional approach to decision making (anyone else out there like me?).

    My dear, it’s so intense that I feel as if I am those decision making moments. Everything is intuition based. So far so good. With more success and properly discerning events in my life, it only gets easier and more accurate. Proud of this ability 🙂

  13. I’m an introvert and don’t exactly fit into every introvert characteristic too 🙂


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