Introvert twitter bird

Over the past few months, Introvert Spring has produced a lot of introvert tweets.  For your tweeting pleasure, I’ve picked the most popular ones and compiled them here.


Introverts are word economists in a society suffering from verbal diarrhea. Tweet this

Introverts are singletaskers in a society obsessed with multitasking. Tweet this

Introverts dislike small talk, but we are fluent in the language of ideas and dreams. Tweet this

An introvert’s playground is in his mind. Tweet this

Introverts are more selective when choosing friends, but they are also fiercely loyal to those they trust. Tweet this

When it comes to relationships, introverts prefer quality over quantity. Tweet this

The worst thing in life is not to be alone, but to be with people who make you feel alone. Tweet this

Introverts might not say much, but we have a universe inside our heads. Tweet this

Introverts might not enjoy the same activities as extroverts, but we know how to enjoy life nonetheless. Tweet this

Femininity radiates from the inside out and finds its true form in quietness. Tweet this

Don’t mistake my silence for ignorance. Tweet this

Silence is better than bullshit. Tweet this

Being alone is nothing to fear when you are at peace with yourself. Tweet this

Introverts have the right to construct our lives as we see fit without feeling guilty. Tweet this

I have lots of opinions, I just don’t force them on people in conversation. Tweet this

I like people, just not all at the same time. Tweet this

Introversion is a personality trait that can’t be fixed or outgrown. And that’s a good thing. Tweet this

An introvert’s happy looks different than an extrovert’s and that’s ok. Tweet this

Not shy or unfriendly: introvert. Tweet this

I know I’m quiet. You don’t have to point it out. Tweet this

Don’t assume I don’t like you because I want to be alone for a while. Tweet this

Introverts tire of chatty extroverts interpreting the slightest pause in conversation as an invitation to interrupt.  Listen. Tweet this

If you want me to talk more, listen more. Tweet this

Introverts know how to listen, both to words, and the subtle messages carried on the wings of silence. Tweet this

The best way to insult an introvert is to try to turn her into an extrovert. Tweet this

Happy tweeting.  Follow me on Twitter if you like 🙂