feeling lonely

Do you ever feel so lonely it hurts? Feeling lonely as an introvert is especially frustrating because we want and need our alone time. We like spending time solo, but we have our limits. There comes a point when we feel isolated. We want to connect, but there’s something stopping us.

We’ve settled so deeply into the well-worn groove of our own isolation that we feel stuck there. In other words, we get in a loneliness rut, and we don’t know how to reconnect.

The especially frustrating part is that being around people can be incredibly draining for introverts. This leaves us unmotivated to reach out and make plans.

The first step to stop feeling lonely

I’ve been there, and I’ve discovered that there is one key step to stop feeling lonely. It’s so obvious when you think of it, but it’s something we innies tend to ignore.

After all, we are strong, independent introverts. We don’t want to admit, even to ourselves, that we are feeling lonely and need more love and connection in our life.

In today’s brand new vlog, I explain why introverts can feel lonelier when we are around people than when we are by ourselves. I also share how I overcame the loneliness cycle, and the first step for you to to the same — even if you’re a hardcore introvert like me.

This is the most personal vlog I’ve ever made. In it I get a little vulnerable, and reveal things I haven’t shared even with my close friends.

Watch it and find out the REAL reason I recently moved back to my hometown of Ottawa, Canada. I also take you along as I do a weird morning ritual, explore my new neighbourhood, and go to the beach with my best friend.

It’s another sneak peek into my personal life. I hope it makes you feel less lonely, and inspires you to live life on your own blissfully innie terms!

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Michaela Chung