introvert friends

As an introvert, you’re not satisfied with superficial connections.  Party chit chat bores you and small talk is pretty much your kryptonite.

The truth is that you often feel more lonely in a crowded room than when you’re by yourself.  What you really want is to have a meaningful conversation with someone you truly connect with.

Or better yet, you’d relish the comfort of sitting with someone in silence – someone who you don’t need to explain yourself to, because they just get you.

When Alone Actually Is Lonely

I talk a lot about how being alone doesn’t have to be a negative thing.  We introverts enjoy our alone time because it allows us to recharge.  But even for us there comes a time when we want to interact.

When feelings of loneliness do arise, finding people that we can connect with in a deep and fulfilling way is not always easy.

Fulfilling Connections For Introverts

I have a course that helps introverts create meaningful connections with the right people.

This goes far beyond the typical social skills advice you receive from “experts”.

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