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Connecting with other introverts

As an introverted gal who used to feel a lot of shame about my introversion, one of my biggest struggles has been finding and connecting with other introverts.   In the past I was always hesitant to ‘make the first move’ when it came to friendships.

I think a lot of innies have felt the same way.  We think, “why would they want to be friends with me? I’m too quiet and like to be alone too much …”


All introverts are worthy of love and friendship with people who we truly connect with.  There is no need to settle for friendships that drain us, or make us feel less than.

As introverts, we can get a lot out of relationships with extroverts.  But I think it’s important not to fall into the trap of only being friends with extroverts because we’re too scared to reach out to other introverts.

The other day, I went to Future Shop to look at laptops.  When I told the salesperson about my website for introverts, he called out to one of his coworkers, “hey, would you say that I’m an introvert?”

The coworker chuckled and replied, “Definitely not, I am way more of an introvert than you.”

The extroverted salesman had to leave, so I got to chatting with the innie salesman, who was very friendly, confident and articulate.

I told him about my website and my upcoming webcast (tomorrow, June 29th at 10am PDT. Don’t miss out!) for introverts.  He was very excited.  “I really need this,” he said.

Like many introverts, he found it challenging to work at an extroverted profession with extroverted friends who just don’t get his need to be alone and recharge.

I know that so many other innies feel the same way.  They genuinely want to connect with other people who understand their introversion.

So, the two morals of the story I want to emphasize are:

1. Wear your introversion proudly so other innies can find you.

2. Don’t be afraid to approach another introvert because you think they won’t want to be friends with you.  Your friendship is a gift – one that perhaps the other person desperately needs.

How do you feel about connecting with other introverts? Do you find it challenging?  I would love to hear from you.

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Sending you lots of innie love and positive introvert energy.


michalea chung


7 introvert problems solved
7 Introvert Problems Solved Free Webcast

**UPDATE: The live webcast is over.

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The 7 introvert problems I will address

1. Low energy and introvert overwhelm.
2. Being underestimated because of your quiet nature.
3. Feeling torn between wanting to be alone, but not wanting to feel lonely.
4. Introvert guilt.
5. Introvert dating dilemmas.
6. People trying to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ you.
7. Being interrupted because you talk slowly.