highly sensitive man

It’s not easy being a highly sensitive man. The modern world teaches men that showing emotions and tears is a weakness. If you get emotional in front of someone, you are labeled as weird and weak. I should know.

High expectations for a highly sensitive man

I grew up in a culture where men were taught to never show emotions or feelings of any kind. If you did that just once, you would face not just mockery, but also bullying. But this is not unique to where I lived as a kid. It’s a global phenomenon.

Even as a kid, a highly sensitive man is called out for his care and concern. It only gets worse during the teen years. I have never hidden that I was bullied for a lot of my life for feeling too much. Bullying is not necessarily just physical. It can come from mere words too.

The highly sensitive man is constantly chastised for showing that caring nature that this world desperately needs right now. We hear the words: “Man up!”, “Get over it”, or even “Men don’t cry”. The term alpha male refers to the men who are strong, dominant, and never shed tears.

Today’s highly sensitive men are expected to behave like robots. We are taught that it’s wrong to shed a tear, have anxiety, or depression. And you know what’s the worst part?

When a highly sensitive man wants to cry or be there for the ones who need him, but instead caves under the pressure of society, and distances himself.

It’s not weak to care and be sensitive

I have no idea where people got the idea that it’s a weakness to show concern. Ever since my relocation to another continent, I must have cried so many times I lost count. Those who know me understand my emotional triggers. You know that I often show emotions. As a highly sensitive man, I’ll go against what the modern world says you need to do, and let myself cry it out.

How many times have you heard that you need to be strong for those around you? This is one of the most devastating sentences men hear today. It’s not weak to show emotions and to care deeply. Quite the opposite. It’s one of the greatest feats of strength.

I recently had a situation where I couldn’t hold it within me any longer, so I simply broke. As a highly sensitive man, you’ll know what I’m talking about here. I had a difficult time, and I let my emotions lead the way. Luckily, my best friend was there to listen and put my mind at ease.

I know that a lot of you don’t always have that support. However, you are much stronger than you think. Here are just a few of your strengths as a highly sensitive man.

Amazing Strengths of the Highly Sensitive Man

1. Our empathy heals.

Empathy is a powerful force by itself. But when it comes from a highly sensitive man, it goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. Because we know how it feels to be isolated and lonely, we will do everything in our power to be there whenever you need us.

2. Showing emotions helps others do the same.

When people see you showing your inner self, vulnerable and in the open, you are unconsciously giving them permission to do the same. This is why showing who you are makes such a difference with everyone around you.

3. Tears are a sign of courage.

I won’t say much here, because it’s self-explanatory. Tears are a clear sign that despite all the bad, you have the strength to open up and let it out.

Here are 9 more superpowers of highly sensitive people.

There’s a wonderful quote from famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic that I always go back to when I need comfort:

“Tears clean the windows of your soul. That’s why you feel good after crying.”

In all honesty, I was already crying during the first half of writing this article. I can’t help it. I am a highly sensitive man and I don’t feel ashamed to admit that, and neither should you.

You don’t have to hold back how you feel. The greatest strength a highly sensitive man has is the ability to go against the crowd’s expectations and show his heart and soul, right there and then, in the open.

This world needs your care. It needs your empathy, because it heals. You are a highly sensitive man, be proud of yourself. I know I am.



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