Write a Guest Post

I get a lot of requests from writers who want to submit guest posts to Introvert Spring. In the past I’ve only included a very limited amount of guest posts, mostly from writers and coaches I know personally. BUT I’ve decided to change things up.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT inquire about guest posting without reading the below instructions first.

Steps to Submit a Guest Post to Introvert Spring

1) Read Introvert Spring articles and tailor your topic, title and content accordingly. Here at Introvert Spring, we like content that is relatable, easy to read, honest, and shareable. Share sophisticated concepts at an eighth grade reading level.

2) Submit a sample of your work, and your title ideas and bulleted outlines to michaelachung1[AT]gmail.com.

Example of a title and bulleted outline:

7 Signs of an Unhealthy INFP
* Brief description of an INFP
* Why INFPs might be unhealthy
* Sign 1: focus on structure and control
* Sign 2: overly sensitive to criticism and easily triggered
* Sign 3: extreme escapism/detachment from reality
* etc.

You can also submit a completed article if you feel it aligns with Introvert Spring’s style and standards.

3) Submit a brief (50 words or less) bio including ONE link to your social media profile or website of choice.

4) This isn’t really a step, but an important note. I will give preference to those who have blogging experience and understand blogging structure and copywriting (it’s much different than essay and novel writing!).

Also, I HATE email with a passion, which is why I have not accepted many guest posts in the past. If your submission doesn’t follow the instructions, I might not respond—not because I’m mean and hate your guts, but because emailing back and forth about an article is my worst nightmare.

Please make it easy for me and I will happily share your work on Introvert Spring!