If you want to have a great career but don’t want to have to interact with customers or talk to people all day long, you can feel limited in what you can do for a living. While most jobs will require you to talk to bosses and/or clients to some degree, some career choices allow for a more autonomous or introverted mindset than others. The key lies in discovering these career gems and then taking the steps to become qualified to work in them. 

Do jobs that pay well while not requiring you to be extroverted all the time exist? They do, and some of them don’t have heavy educational background requirements to get started. One of these career paths is as an electrician. Discover why becoming an electrician is a wise idea.

You’ll also learn how to get certified as an electrician and why it is a great career choice for a self-proclaimed introvert to consider. You just may find your new career calling. 

What Makes Becoming An Electrician A Wise Career Move? 

Making a career change revolves around choosing a job that pays well and doesn’t require years and years of education. For example, becoming a doctor pays very well but requires years of college and residency. This type of dedication may not work well for you as you undergo a career change.

An electrician career, by contrast, requires fewer educational requirements and much of it can be done online (which benefits your introverted tendencies) while also being a high-demand career choice that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. 

If you want a career that is versatile and in demand across the nation, then becoming an electrician can be beneficial here as well. As modern technology advances both commercial and residential clients rely on electricians to help them improve their buildings to be more energy-efficient and modern, and with new structures always being constructed, there is nearly always work for an electrician to do. 

What Do You Need To Become An Electrician? 

Becoming an electrician varies from state to state, so it’s wise to know what your state will ask of you before you can become an electrician. For example, if you live in North Carolina, NC electrical license requirements may involve being of a certain age and passing a certification exam.

It’s wise to take prep courses so you can pass the exam and get the type of licensing you need for your career (limited and intermediate electrician licenses, for example). NC electrical licensing requirements may vary drastically from license requirements in another state and may not be transferable if you move, so keep this in mind as you explore your electrician’s training options. 

You can opt to work under a licensed master electrician as an apprentice to gain further education. Don’t worry if this sounds like an intrusion on your introverted ways: you’ll work under the main electrician and follow general guidance, so you won’t be interacting much while you further your education in electrician work, safety, and modern trends. 

Why Is An Electrician A Great Choice For An Introvert? 

Think about the last time you had an electrician at your home. It’s likely you gave them a general overview of what your electrical needs were and then left the professional to do their work. Electricians often work alone unless it’s for a major project, and you can expect much of the same in your line of work when you get the proper licensing to be an electrician. Here are other introvert benefits to becoming an electrician. 

You Don’t Have To Be In Charge

Unless you work on your own, you’re likely not going to be in charge when you go to a client’s home or business. You simply show up, do the assigned task, and refer clients to your boss or people in the main office for further inquiries. You also don’t have to worry about ordering parts and inventory and you can even work autonomously much of the time. 

You’re Alone But Not Isolated

Even an introvert does enjoy some company sometimes, and being an electrician allows you to work around people without being entirely alone. For example, people are home when you work on their properties, and businesses are often still in operation when their electricians come to call. 

You Can Help People And Engage In Small Talk

Why would engaging in small talk be beneficial to an introvert? Small amounts of conversation can help you feel more confident and when you’re largely speaking about the work you’re doing, you can start to feel more comfortable opening up to people while taking pride in what you do.

Since being an electrician is a valuable service, you can take the opportunity to interact with your clients and coworkers in small ways to help you be a more productive introvert. 

Other Careers For Introverts To Consider

Having options in career choices for introverts is wise. You can also consider becoming an accountant, mechanic, content editor, or truck driver if you want an introverted career that still makes good money. Explore several introvert career options on top of being an electrician to choose the best introvert-friendly career for your needs. 

Taking The Next Step

When you’re ready to embark on a new career journey, take pride in knowing you’re catering to your introverted ways while still making wise financial choices. In the end, you’ll find a great career that can work well for your personality and character.