introvert career tips

As an introvert, you might sometimes feel that the work you put into your job isn’t truly appreciated. That’s a common complaint with us introverts. We often realize that our contributions go unnoticed because we aren’t as gregarious as our coworkers.

You can’t change your personality. But what you can do is make your personality your strength. These 10 helpful career tips for introverts will get you on the path to success:

Make Networking Work For You

I’m going to start with the core of the issue. While the rest of the world is busy forging connections, introverts often feel left out. You aren’t as inclined to participate in group discussions and give your two cents in a meeting. But that doesn’t mean you have cut yourself off from your colleagues.

Pick the right people and the right places to network. Do it while hanging around the water cooler or the coffee station. Pick a time when these places aren’t crowded. Find people you feel you are comfortable talking to and build up from there to get yourself a team.

Connect With Fellow Introverts

You might not realize this but every third person is an introvert. This means the chances of finding fellow introverts in the workplace are quite high. The person sitting in the next cubicle could be an introvert like you. Search out these introverts and connect with them. You will find communicating with introverts goes more smoothly as they understand your personality better.

Make Use of the Online World

The world of emails and text messages is heaven for introverts when it comes to networking and communication. If there’s something you don’t feel comfortable discussing face to face, consider sending an email or a message. This will also give you time to word your proposal properly. You can later follow up directly with that person.

For introverts seeking helpful career tips, exploring the world of POD can be a great option. Introverts can leverage their creativity and talents to build a successful career that aligns with their strengths.

Research Your Boss Before Accepting A Position

A quick poll conducted by Scientific American concluded that both introverts and extroverts perform equally well in their jobs. While extroversion is celebrated in our culture and in most industries, it doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other. But not everyone understands this.

When accepting a position, review your boss if you can. Figure out his leadership style. Some leaders only accept extroversion from their employees, but others are comfortable working with both kinds of personalities. If your potential boss is from the latter category, you can breathe easy knowing that he or she will appreciate you for your work contributions, not your ability to schmooze.

Do Your Homework

If you feel tongue-tied at an important meeting and you can’t think of anything to say, then consider prepping for the meeting beforehand. Go over the meeting agenda. Consider what input you can offer to the meeting.

Prepare notes to help you out. You don’t need to take over the entire meeting. Put in your thought where you think it is required. When you don’t speak too much, people stop and listen when you do.

Practice In Front Of the Mirror

You must have heard of this before. That’s because it actually works. Before that important meeting, practice your presentation in front of the mirror.

We often tend to over think of how we look when we speak. All eyes on you might be making you conscious. When practicing in front of the mirror, figure out your angles and how to calm your face while talking. When you make this a regular practice, you will find it’s easier to participate in meetings.

Understand Your Own Worth

Extroverts have a tendency to dominate the show. With the spotlight on them almost all the time, it might look like they are putting in more work and energy. Don’t let that devalue you, and lower your position. Do your own evaluation. How are you contributing to the workplace? Can you do it better? If you can find ways to challenge yourself, do it. It will do wonders for your self-esteem.

Find the Right Job

You must have realized by now that not all jobs work for introverts. Basically, jobs that require a lot of networking and conversations don’t always go well with introverts. Here are some jobs that you might love:

  1. Librarian
  2. Pilot
  3. Editor/Writer
  4. Baker/Chef
  5. Programmer or App Creator
  6. Engineer
  7. Blogger or Virtual Assistant
  8. Online Entrepreneur

One of the best career options for introverts is a virtual assistant job. Even if you have no experience in this field, you can find entry-level job opportunities and start your career as a virtual assistant online.

Start Your Own Online Business

This might be a bold step, but believe me, there’s a lot of potential here. Online businesses are springing up everywhere around the world. There is a little investment and potential for great success.

The best thing about an online business is that there won’t be a lot of face to face conversations. You can talk virtually with your customers, distributors, suppliers etc without breaking into a sweat.

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