When you’re an empath you’re an anomaly to most people, even yourself. You see and feel the world differently than others because you’re sensitive to subtle energies and emotions.

Being an empath in the chaotic world in which we live means that you’re often misunderstood. Meanwhile, your understanding of others, including their hidden motives and emotions, is often eerily spot on.

You bring new meaning to the term “reading a room”. You’re not someone who just skims the pages or reads the Coles Notes.

The moment you walk into a room, you are bombarded with energetic information about every living being there. You might not be able to interpret this information right away, but you’ll sense underlying thoughts and feelings.

For example, empaths are often the first to know when someone isn’t trustworthy. You feel it in your gut. You can also sense when someone is genuine. You love to be around other empaths who are kindred spirits. Meanwhile, insensitive, abrasive personalities drain you like crazy.

Even though empaths are beautiful and wise souls, we often struggle to find our footing in the world. Most empaths will relate to the below problems.

6 Empath Problems

1. You struggle with anxiety and depression.

As an empath, you may have struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. This is not surprising considering all the negative feedback empaths receive for our sensitive nature. Plenty of empaths also grew up in unstable homes, where emotional warfare raged daily. Some empaths resort to addictions to cope with emotional overwhelm.

2. You attract narcissists and energy vampires.

Even though empaths have strong intuition, we can still fall prey to the deceptions of toxic people. You might allow narcissists and other energy vampires to take advantage of your kind and compassionate nature.

It can be hard for you to detach yourself from such relationships. You might not let very many people in, but when you do, you get deeply emotionally attached.

3. You feel too much, but may not know why.

With so much energetic and emotional information coming in from all directions, it’s easy for empaths to get confused. Sometimes, you don’t know what “stuff” belongs to you and what you’ve absorbed from others.

Your moods are also greatly influenced by your physical environment. Even if a home appears lovely, it might spike your anxiety for inexplicable reasons. It just feels ‘off’ to you.

4. You heal others, but forget to heal yourself.

Empaths come to this earth to heal others, as well as ourselves. You might do pretty well with the first half of that mandate, but then completely neglect your own healing. You forget that doing your own inner work allows you to give your patients, clients, students, and loved ones exactly what they need to heal and progress.

5. You have jelly fish boundaries and you get stung.

Empaths hate disappointing others. Because you feel people’s emotions so deeply, just the thought of hurting another person makes your anxiety levels soar. Saying no makes you feel unbearably guilty.

For this reason, you might have jelly fish boundaries that make it easy for others to take advantage of you. The problem is that you are the one who gets stung. You become drained, irritable, and overwhelmed. And then you feel even more guilty for not being able to cope.

6. You have a hard time winding down.

Empaths struggle to transition from high stimulation to solitude. After a busy day at work, or a crowded social event, your brain won’t stop buzzing. You’ll find it difficult to wind down and refocus. This is also why you might feel a strange sense of hollow sadness when you return home from an event, even if you had fun.

If you’ve struggled with any or all of the above problems, know that nearly every empath has felt the same way. There’s no need to be ashamed of your sensitivity. Your empathy brings light to the world—especially when you learn the skills to cope and thrive.

Tips to cope and thrive as an empath

* Hone your intuitive abilities through spiritual and esoteric pursuits, meditation, dream journalling, and quiet reflection.

* Set healthy boundaries by practicing compassion from a safe distance. The sooner you set your boundaries the easier it will be for everyone.

* Learn to trust your intuition by acting on the gut feelings and flashes of insight you receive, even if they don’t seem logical.

* Heal yourself by taking impeccable care of your soul, and allowing others to support you on your journey.

* Do regular energetic cleansing through reiki, sage smudging, massage, yoga, and water emersion.

I hope you found these tips and insights helpful. I’d love to hear your experiences as an empath. Feel free to share your comments below. 🙂



Michaela Chung