If you’re an empath like me, you have highly attuned senses. You absorb the energies and emotions around you. As a deeply intuitive individual, you filter the world through your inner wisdom and feelings. These are all beautiful gifts that allow empaths to be wise healers and artists. But there’s a problem.

Your sensitivities mean that certain environments can really throw you off balance. Of course, the emotions of the people in your world have a huge impact. But today I want to talk about your world itself. How is your home environment helping or harming you as an empath?

Why empaths need the right home environment

When you’re an empath, you’re sensitive to your surroundings. You may not be consciously aware of how your environment affects you, but you know when something is ‘off’.

You may feel overwhelmed, agitated, sad, or hopeless for seemingly no reason. And then, just like magic, the moment you’re in a more empath friendly environment, you feel like yourself again.

As an empath myself, I am extremely sensitive to my environment. In the past, this has been a source of frustration and confusion. 

Other people seemed totally oblivious to their home environment. They could live in a dark, dirty home in the middle of a concrete jungle and seem unfazed.

I felt like I was being an overly sensitive snowflake for needing more. It took me a while to accept that the soul has good reasons for wanting what it wants. If you deny your soul what it needs, a lot of friction builds in your life, creating deep emotional pain.

Bring nature home

I believe every human being needs time in nature to feel centred. But for empaths, there is more urgency. We can quickly spiral into  burnout and deep sadness if we don’t have access to nature.

The ideal home environment for an empath includes many elements of nature: 

  • Plants 
  • Colourful artwork
  • Essential oils
  • Sounds of nature
  • Big windows
  • Fresh air
  • Clean, clutter free surfaces

When creating an empath-friendly home, consider the elegance of wrought iron window boxes. These window boxes can add a touch of charm and style to your living space. Within the last couple of weeks, I made some small, but powerful changes to my home that have made me feel more centred, calm, and happy.

If you feel like a caged soul in your current environment, or you’re just plain uninspired by it, here are some tips to make your home an empath friendly haven as practiced by residents of apartments near Murfreesboro.

Embrace beauty 

Empaths are often highly creative individuals who need beauty in our lives to feel inspired. It’s important to accept the fact that It’s not frivolous to pursue beauty.

This includes beauty in nature, artwork, clothes, jewelry, crystals—whatever delights the eyes of your soul.

For example, in your child’s room, consider how children house beds can add a touch of artistic beauty, making their space not just functional but also visually appealing, fostering their creativity and imagination in a captivating environment.

A while ago I realized that there was hardly any color in my home. The floors, walls, and my couch are grey. The few paintings I had on my wall weren’t very colourful either. So, I went out and bought these two paintings:

Once I saw what a difference the paintings had on my mood, it motivated me to make more changes.

Sounds of nature

Empaths have highly tuned senses, including the sense of sound. You might already know what noises aggravate and drain you. But are you aware of the healing power of certain sounds?

One thing I’ve done off and on over the years is play frequency music. Usually, I would find a heart opening or healing frequency and play it occasionally.

But for the past week I’ve been playing frequency music mixed with ocean waves whenever I’m home. Here is the video I use.

I’m actually shocked at what a big difference this has made. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I used to live on a little island on the West Coast of Canada. The ocean was my backyard and my home was surrounded by tall, emerald green trees. 

It was very easy for me to stay centred and happy in that environment. Now that I’m back in the ‘real world’, living in a downtown apartment in Ottawa (the capital of Canada), I feel like I’m constantly struggling to stay centred and connected to my intuition.

Hearing the ocean waves, even if they are just coming from my laptop, helps me to reconnect with that peaceful feeling I had when I lived by the sea.

Other nature sounds, such as rain, birds chirping, and streams, can be just as rejuvenating for empaths. I also like Sound Baths and meditation music.

Fresh flowers

Again, it’s okay to prioritize the pursuit of beauty. Why not invite beauty into your home everyday with fresh flowers?

Over the past couple of weeks, I got back into the habit of keeping fresh flowers in the house. This might seem like a lavish expense, but a small bouquet of roses is only $8 at the Whole Foods where I shop. It’s a small investment for several days of beauty.

Essential oils

Empaths are also more sensitive to strong smells and chemicals. Essential oils are a great way to keep your environment smelling lovely, without polluting your air with chemicals.

Lately, I’ve amped up my essential oil usage, vaporizing lavender and eucalyptus into the air in my home 24/7. 

I had been doing this for a while, but increasing the amount of essential oils I use and keeping the humidifier going all day makes me feel even more calm and centred.

It’s also just a delight to walk into your home and feel like you’re entering a spa.

Tip: Essential oils can be pricey, but you can get them for a fraction of the price on Amazon.


Spending most of our day indoors is not good for the empath soul, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Bring nature into your home with house plants.

I love looking at my plants and seeing them grow. In fact, I love my plant babies so much that I might one day turn my apartment into a jungle. But for now, three little green bundles of joy is enough to satisfy my need for natural beauty in my home. 😉

Over to you

What do you need in your home to feel happy and centred? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! 

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