Dear Innie Friend,

I know everyone has those days when you just want to hide out under a blanket rather than face the world.  But, as introverts, I feel like we’re a little more susceptible to these kinds of days.  Us innies are easily overwhelmed by the demands of our noisy world. Even a few hours of social activity can leave us exhausted. And cranky.  We also tend to feel physical manifestations of our depletion: headaches, whole body aches, tired eyes, upset tummy.

What it all boils down to is sensory overload. We introverts get overstimulated more easily.  In order to feel good again, we must find ways to block out stimulants, like light, noise, and chatty people (humans are incredibly stimulating, by the way).  What better way to do this than by hiding under the blankets in our cozy, warm bed?

I must confess that at least once per month I experience a string of days where all I want to do is hide out in bed.  And so that is precisely what I do.  I spend as long as possible swaddled in my frilly turquoise cocoon until some obligation, or crisis yanks me out.  Sometimes I crawl back in a couple of hours later if I can.

This is one of the reasons I don’t like living with roommates anymore.  I always felt like they would judge me as lazy or depressed because of my bouts of extreme introverting.  I used to feel self-conscious and guilty about it.  After all, healthy, happy, productive people don’t hide out in bed for two days straight.

But what if they actually do?

What if a key part of living a “balanced” introverted life is accepting the fact that you will always be thrown off balance? What if  the ebb and flow of energy and creativity is natural?  And beautiful?  

This is what I’ve come to accept as an introverted, highly sensitive creative person.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning buzzing with ideas and inspiration.  I leap out of bed.  I do grown-up things like write sales pages, deliver webinars, and take out the recycling (still working on this one – missed the pick-up for the past two months straight).  And other days I hide away in my blanket cave and give a mental middle finger to all of the obligations that are piled high atop my petite 5’5” frame.

Whatever kind of day I’m having, I’ve learned to cut myself some slack.  Small acts of kindness go a long way – especially when they’re directed at yourself.  So, if you’re having a hide under the blankets kind of day, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Accept the ebb and flow.  it’s a good thing.

Lots of love,

michalea chung



michaela chung