the mondays

If you noticed I’ve been (extra) quiet the past couple of weeks, there is a reason.

I was on vacation. I tossed work aside and put my energy towards visiting with family, frolicking by the ocean, and eating too much ice cream. Now that my vacation is over, I have that old familiar feeling. You know the one.

It’s that sinking, sad feeling you used to get at back-to-school time every year. You feel a dull sense of dread about what is to come. At the same time you mourn the passing of another fun-filled summer vacation.

Nowadays, you might experience a similar reaction whenever Monday morning rolls around. With the end of the weekend comes the grim realization that another full work week is eminent. For introverts who are prone to overwhelm, this is especially daunting.

Since I’m experiencing the double whammy of the Mondays plus the end of my vacation, I could use a pick-me-up. In case you feel the same, here are three ways introverts can overcome the Mondays.

Reduce stimulation

One of the reasons that introverts feel so drained during the work week is that we are highly susceptible to overstimulation. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can wear us out fast.

Overstimulation occurs more quickly when we are in busy environments with lots of interaction, noise, and commotion. One thing many introverts overlook is that we can also feel mentally exhausted by electronics.

Going on social media, web surfing, and other online activities can quickly lead to information overload and energy depletion for introverts.

It’s important to start the week off right by creating space for the mind to wander without interruption. Sitting in silence with your morning coffee can work wonders. I am also a big advocate for meditation.

As introverts, we’re really good at making time to think. Now it’s time to make space to NOT think.

Do this for 5 mins

The mind-body connection is undeniable. We were made to move. For those of us who have largely sedentary careers, it might be tempting to ignore this proven principle.

But movement is the fastest way to transform our mood when we have the Mondays. It boosts the flow of endorphins, gets oxygen flowing, and generally makes us less crabby.

Many of us avoid moving our bodies because we’ve bought into the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. We think that our choices are, do nothing, or hit the gym for an hour-long workout.

How about five minutes of stretching? Or seven minutes of high intensity interval training (this is my preference). A little movement goes a long way.

Just F-ing Do it

Have you ever noticed that the pain of putting something off is usually worse than the pain of actually doing it?

Often what we most dread doing on Monday is the very thing that will instantly make us feel better. By dragging our feet, and having internal arguments about whether or not to do it, we actually waste energy.

Do you think I wanted to write this blog post this morning? Hell no! Every time I take a break from writing, I feel certain that I’ve forgotten how to do it. I begin to fear it. The more I avoid it, the worse I feel. When I put on my big girl pants and just f-ing do it, I feel happy.

Now it’s time for me to take some of my own medicine and go exercise, then meditate. Or meditate then exercise …

The order doesn’t really matter as long as I just f-ing do it.

And you?

Do you get the Mondays, too?

How do you overcome the end-of-vacation blues?

Please do share your comments below.

Lots of love,