Moments of Happiness-Chinese Proverb

An introvert’s happy looks different than an extrovert’s happy.  Even our pursuit of happiness may take a different form.  For an introvert, the search for meaning can be more appealing than striving for bliss.  We enjoy riding on the waves of subtlety rather than gigantic waves of adrenaline.  We relish wading into the strange beauty of solitude.

In short, a happy introvert finds contentment by turning inward.

We take pleasure in exploring our own mind and unlocking the hidden treasures therein.  In a noisy world with flashing lights in every direction, our imagination is a familiar place to retreat to and feel at home.

Within our own mind we can make connections and discoveries that light us up inside.  While working on a problem or project we enter into a state of ‘flow’.

 Flow is a sort of energized focus.  It involves single-mindedness and complete absorption in an activity.  It ignites a different kind of happiness – the slow-burning kind that is fueled by the mind.  It is not dependent on money or status or good looks.  Flow is achieved in the quiet, the rhythmic, and the busy solitude of an active mind.

Indeed, solitude is a wellspring of happiness for introverts.  It is where we can dive deep into the things that bring us joy.  It is a quiet joy that is insulted by the loud cheers and thrashing often associated with the word.   It is less about ‘fun’ and more about depth and understanding – meaning. 

The rest of the world will keep trying to teach us to “loosen up” and “join the party”.  They will try to make our happy look more like theirs.   That’s okay.

We’ve tapped into the wellspring of true joy that some of them will never know.  They run in circles trying to find happiness by doing more, having more and making more money,

Meanwhile, we quietly observe and laugh as we ponder,

Do they really think we would be happier if we were more like them?

Liv Tyler Quote-Solitude