Dissertation defense is the culmination of academic achievement for any student. It’s matched only by the edifying moment of their final graduation. 

The written copy may be well researched and packaged but must be defended before a academic panel to show your mastery. Speaking before superiors can be intimidating to most and many students have found themselves disoriented at that critical moment. 

However, introvert students appear to overcome this stage fright and perform better than their extrovert peers. Here is how they can successfully defend their dissertation.

Rely on personal ability

The strength of introvert students lies in their self-reliance due to their avoidance of group activities. When other students prepare for their dissertations in groups, the introvert does their research and writing alone. 

Group study generates ideas from several contributions by participants, and may not be easy for individuals to grasp the multiple thinking and rationale behind these concepts. 

However, the introvert student owns every aspect of the dissertation with a deeper understanding, having put it together alone from research through to writing. Introverts are, by nature reflective and, deeply thoughtful about anything they have to speak. This, coupled with individual preparation, allows them an edge in successful dissertation defense. 

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Sharpen your listening and observation skills

Introverts have a keen sense of observation and listening skills. These twin skills are essential for learners during instruction because it enables one to internalize their coursework well ahead of the dissertation writing and defense. Introverts also possess better attention capacity and rarely engage in distractions during the learning sessions. 

This ability to listen with undivided attention and the power of observation ensures consistency in learning and improved grades throughout the coursework leading to the dissertation. 

The singular focus is equally necessary when researching and writing your dissertation, helping one to avoid procrastination and a half-baked presentation. Good listening is essential when taking instructions for assignments that include dissertations.

Practice well for public speaking

The very idea of standing before academic superiors to defend a dissertation can be challenging for an introvert who generally prefers solitude. However, since defending your dissertation is a course requirement, finding a way around this challenge is necessary. You have done excellent work researching and writing your dissertation and must crown it with an impactful defense. 

Start by practicing this on your own to get your presentation sequence right. Next, ask a few of your friends – every introvert has one or two – to play the audience for your practice to help fine-tune it. They must ask for clarifications and questions as you present to give you a feel for the actual session.

Leverage your power of written communication

Now, please note that the bulk of work on a dissertation comes long before the defending stage. The fact that you have a chance to defend your dissertation is an indication that your written submission meets the set requirements. It is only after a favorable review of your written thesis that you get an invite to defend your dissertation.

Invest all efforts in thorough research and excellent writing to make it easy for you while defending. Most introverts express themselves well through the pen and can leverage this to ace your dissertation easily with a quality presentation.

Improve your self-confidence

Do not confuse introversion with fear or shyness or invite these negative traits into your persona. Understand that an introvert is simply a person who prefers privacy and quiet environments for reflection. The fact that you avoid crowds should not mean that you are shy or that you fear people.

Turn this preference for solitude into an advantage by displaying self-assurance and confidence whenever you are out. Work on improving your confidence through serious study and understanding of your coursework. With better self-confidence, you will make a better impression while defending your thesis and can be sure to graduate cum-laude.


Keeping to oneself is not a sign of incompetence or timidity but rather a natural orientation of an individual’s character. Introvert students are just as intelligent as their extrovert peers, if not more so. These students should learn to leverage their multiple strengths and turn around their academic performance and dissertation defense.

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Vendy Adams worked for a tech startup as the lead engineer before deciding to switch over to academic writing. Now she’s counted as one of the best thesis and dissertation writers and works for a top-ranked online assignment service and works as editor at CareerPerfect. Her hobbies include kitchen gardening, reading comic books and novels and collecting DVDs of her favorite movies.