Introvert Wonderland

There is a place where introverts feel right at home. It is a wonderland that allows us to experience the world without leaving our house, or even putting on pants.

I’m talking, of course, about the Internet. It is thanks to this magical invention that we met. In fact, the Web is responsible for the uniting of many innies all over the world. We love to gather together (separately) on forums, blogs, and Facebook pages.

One of my coaching clients even met his girlfriend on social media. They connected through Pinterest after commenting on the same posts. This is now my favorite Internet ‘meet cute’ story.

Why the Internet is ideal for introverts

Nowadays, everyone and their mother are on the Web. Introverts are especially enthusiastic online. This became obvious when the introvert revolution began gaining momentum and several introvert articles, memes and YouTube videos went viral. Some extroverts were annoyed by how normally quiet introverts were suddenly very noisy online. Ha. Now they know how we’ve felt our whole lives.

The Internet is ideal for introverts because it allows us to consume information with minimal energy drain. More than that, it gives us the chance to experience things without the overwhelming excess.

For example, instead of going to a concert and feeling exhausted by all the people and bright lights, we can watch one on our laptop. I know this doesn’t replace the real deal, but sometimes it’s just what we need.

This felt just right

When I was living in downtown Mexico City in one of the dankest darkest apartments I’ve ever lived in, the Internet became my portal to other realms. There was something so comforting about sitting in a quiet corner completely absorbed in a music video or article.

This version of Rhapsody In Blue featuring Lang Lang became one of my favorites. It would have been amazing to see the performance live. But at the same time, I wouldn’t have noticed all the captivating details, like Lang Lang’s dramatic facial expressions.

For sensitive introverts, all the noise and distractions of large events can overstimulate us to the point where we start shutting down. Often, this means we block out both the annoying distractions and the good stuff. The Internet provides less overwhelming alternatives.

Another thing we do a lot online

I’m also a big fan of learning online. I’m constantly taking and creating online learning tools. Recently I decided to try something different.

I’ve turned my Unbreakable Confidence For Introverts course into a video course. I know that some innies prefer audio, and some like video (which are you?). So, I decided to have both options to choose from.

I made the member area nice and simple and easy to use, so there’s no chance of overwhelm. You can have a sneak peek of the member area here. Registration now open.