love an introvert poem

What It’s Like To Love An Introvert

You are a heady cocktail of contradictions

an anomaly

a dark horse treading softly

though it has the legs to run

Your intensity disarms me

Those eyes





Look my way

and I exist

Look my way

won’t you?

Some days you are distant

Even as we lie together

your thoughts are chariot clouds

carrying you away

There is a part of you always out of reach

a glowing treasure buried

deep beneath skin and blood and scull

If I split your head open

how many diamonds would spill out?

You want space

I want to devour you whole

I wish you could belong to me

instead of solely to yourself

Your calmness is unbearable

I want to shake you

We are on a sailboat with no wind

How much effort would it take

to open your mouth

blow some air out

breathe us back to life

But there are days

when you do open your mouth

and the stars pour out

Then we lie on our backs

and press our cheeks against the moon

as I try to map the secrets

in your mind

-Michaela Chung-