This is my guest vlog for my introvert friend Jade Joddle’s popular YouTube Channel, Introverts By Jade, which has over 81, 000 subscribers.  It’s the best place to find videos related to introversion, sensitivity and speaking skills.

A gift for you

Jade has made a special gift for you.  Jade has created an amazing resource to help you continue on your innie journey of self-discovery.  Through her comprehensive Introvert Test, you’ll discover what kind of introvert you are.  You’ll also find out if you have the traits of a highly sensitive person, empath, ambivert and more.

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Hope you like it! 🙂

Introvert Video Transcript – Introverts: 5 Reasons We’re Just Like Cats

Hi I’m Michaela Chung and I’m an introvert and cat lover. But, hey, that’s no surprise because introverts and our favourite furry friends have sooo much in common!

Here are the top 5 reasons that introverts are just like cats.

Sign One – Choosy Love
Cats are selective with whom they show some love. They don’t go around wagging their tales at anyone and everyone (Ah-hem!) like some members of the animal kingdom.

Sign Two – Simple needs
It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy.
Pretty much everything a cat needs can be summed up with the following equation:

Food + Affection + Quiet comforts = Kitty Joy!

Sign Three – In Or Out Dilemma
Cats can often be found poised at the doorway weighing the pros and cons of leaving the house in their little kitty brains.

Cat: “Hmmm … I really should go out today. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my kitty friends. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow instead…”

Sign Four – Proudly Independent
Never put pressure on a cat to hang out with you. A cat simply has to come and go as it pleases. Just be patient, and kitty will come purring your way.

Sign Five – Mysteriously Magical
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known your cat, you will always be intrigued by its mysterious ways. What exactly does kitty get up to on its solo travels? I guess you’ll never know!

So what about you my dear innie friend? Are you a cat lover too? Maybe you’re independent and choosy when it comes to love. Let me know in the comments below! 🙂