Hi Innie Friend,

I’ve been hiding a secret for a year. If you’re subscribed to my mailing list, you might already know this surprising secret.

It’s something I never dreamed I would do up until I did it and kinda got addicted!

I hope this new endeavour inspires you to follow your innie heart and try things that might not make logical sense.

This secret thing I’ve been doing also made me realize that as introverts we have to be careful not to let labels limit us.

There are many unexpected faces to introverts. Sometimes, we have bold gifts that don’t seem to match our quiet persona.

In fact, a lot of famous people are secretly introverts, even though their career leads them to project an extroverted persona.

Anywho, watch the video and it’ll all make sense!

While you’re here, I’d love it if you checked out my new YouTube channel, which isn’t about introversion at all. It’s about other aspects of my life, including this secret thing I’ve been doing.


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