The Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) is something every introvert can appreciate. While extroverts are driven by their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), introverts see things differently.

We don’t see missing out as a bad thing. After a long week of going out and getting our people on, missing out sounds pretty awesome.

We’re not propelled out the door by a burning desire to seize the day and make exciting memories. We’re happy to laze around in our pyjamas and sift through past memories, or fantasize about the future. Even slipping into a Neflix coma is plenty adventurous for a Friday night.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we introverts do like to go out and have new experiences. But we love returning to our cozy home and experiencing the Joy Of Missing Out.

JOMO is the reason that we actually celebrate cancelled plans. It is something we look forward to the moment we know we will have to go out. As soon we receive the invitation, we’re already thinking about how great it will be to come home and chill afterwards.

When we face a never-ending barrage of boring small talk at a party, our mind drifts to our happy place, where we can enjoy the bliss of drawstring pants, WIFI, and fictional worlds.

We’ll let the extroverts wear themselves out, as they give into their FOMO. We’ll be chilling at home with an animal friend, and some Chinese Takeout, relishing the Joy Of Missing Out.

I know that a lot of introverts won’t be able to experience as much JOMO as they would like during the holiday season. This is the most hectic time of the year, and no one — not even introverts — escapes the endless shopping, socializing, and small talk unscathed.

That’s why I’ve put my most popular virtual workshop, Small Talk Quickies For Introverts, on special for the holidays.

The 2-hour workshop recording gives you the tools to naturally turn small talk into interesting conversation. You also discover the secrets to optimize the left and right side of your brain for creative conversations. Go here to learn more about Small Talk Quickies.

What about you, dear?

Are you as into the JOMO as I am? What is your favorite thing to do when you are experiencing the Joy Of Missing Out? Please do share your comments below.



P.S. This was the first Blogmas post! From now until December 25th, I’ll be posting everyday on the blog. Check back daily to find new articles, cartoons, videos, and innie awesomeness. My talented teenaged nephew, Brandon Chung, created today’s JOMO cartoon, and we’ve got plenty more like it in the pipeline. Let Brandon know what you think of his work in the comments! 🙂