We’ve all been there; we’re peacefully going about our business and generally feeling okay about life, and then WHAM, our introvert energy meter dips into the self-destruct zone.  This red zone is where fits of irrational anger, and tears occur.  It is also where our most unkind thoughts about ourselves and others dwell – definitely NOT a place we want to be!

In truth, there are usually warning signs that we are entering dangerously low energy levels.  Read on to discover the 8 sneaky signs that you are about to self-destruct.

1. Everything is irritating. Even people and activities you normally enjoy grate on your nerves.  

grumpy cat meme overjoyed sarcasm



2. You become very self-critical.  It’s like the little troll in your brain is working overtime to make you feel like crap.

you suck troll inside head introvert

3. You start ruminating over something that happened a long time ago.

introvert can't talk right now

4. You have ZERO TOLERANCE for small talk.  

no more small talk

5. Your answers to questions become more and more incoherent.  Even you don’t know what you’re trying to say.

introvert don't know what to say

6. Your personal space bubble keeps getting bigger.  Just brushing shoulders with someone feels like too much.

introvert personal space bubble

7. You no longer have the energy to control your facial expressions, so you let your resting bitch face take over.  

marge simpson annoyed


8. You start to believe that you are a horrible person and you will never be happy again.

leave me alone to die cartoon

If you begin to see any of the above signs, run for cover, because you are about to self-destruct!  Do yourself and those around you a favor and find a quiet corner to recharge.  Sweet solitude is the only anecdote at this point.


How to deal

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