introvert's happy place

I’m writing to you from some place special today. It’s a place that is near and dear to my heart. I’m curled up in a blanket with a hot mug of herbal tea in hand, the ocean within view, and my writing apparatus at my fingertips. In other words, I’m in my happy place.

We all know the saying, “happiness is a state of mind”. For introverts, the right environment is key for creating the right state of mind. We need to find our own little introvert friendly happy place.

In our happy place, there is probably something soft and cuddly – a blanket, an animal friend, a big comfy couch. there is also likely something that tickles our brain cilia, like music, art supplies, or a pen and paper. Let’s be honest, Netflix is probably accessible, too.

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We might have a view of nature from our happy place. Perhaps it’s even situated smack dab in the middle of nature – say, under a tree, or on the shores of a private beach. The important thing is that our happy place allows us to retreat from external reality and focus on our internal world.

The obstacles to happy

No matter where our happy place is located, there are sure to be some obstacles to getting there. Often, the obligation monster creeps up on us the moment we even think of retreating to our happy place. “Oh, but you have too much to do to take a break,” he says.

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In our culture, we are told that solitude is a sin. Taking time for yourself is unproductive, and therefore, should be kept to a minimum. A lot of extroverts just plain don’t understand our need to retreat. They see it as more of an indulgence than a necessity. We wonder if they might be right.

Going to our happy place – whether that be a blanket fort in our bedroom, or a patch of grass beneath a shady tree – is an absolute necessity for introverts. It allows us to recharge. It also keeps us quiet types sane as we navigate a noisy extrovert’s world. Not only that.

Your brain needs a break

Going to our happy place slows down our busy brain and prevents mental exhaustion. Since we are prone to overstimulation, introverts need to spend time in environments that give our brain a break. We need quiet comforts as much as some especially chatty extroverts need to hear the sound of their own voice.

Sometimes, even going to our happy place isn’t enough to quiet our loud mind. Our sweet solitude is sullied by worries and obsessive thoughts. No matter how hard we try, we can’t get our brain to shut up.


What about you?

Where is your happy place? And how often do you go there?

Do you feel guilty about going to your happy place?





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