I am not kitten around when I say that today’s blog post is purrrfect for introvert cat lovers. I mean FUR REAL!

Because, let’s face it, life’s too serious. And sometimes a good pun—or a truly clawful one—is just what the doctor ordered on a dreary day.

I have a feline you’ll like them! ?

Read on to discover 12 introvert cat puns

Imagine these sentences coming from this purr-ty kitty:

Paw-don me for being rude, but I litter-ally have no energy to socialize at this mew-ment.

This loyal introvert will love you meow and fur-ever.

When people tell me I’m too quiet, I say they need a cat-ittude adjustment!

Life is not a furry tail. If you lose your shoe at midnight you had too much purr-secco.

I’m feline overwhelmed, I need to take a paws.

My cat is my best fur-end because he never tries to make small talk, just paw talk. 

When an introvert opens up to you, she is fur-ever yours.

My favourite hobbies are listening to mew-sic and and watching hiss-terial cat videos.

I don’t like exercise, but I’m a pawsome cat-lete.

My favourite book is Harry Paw-ter by J.K. Meowling.

My favourite actors are Julia Paw-berts and and Kean-mew Reeves, because they’re introverts like me.

That’s it for today! May you live long and paws-purr!

cat pun live long


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