self-love for introverts

Do you have a mind that works against you? Maybe the below scenarios sound familiar:

Scenario #1

You go out with friends, expecting to join in their ‘fun’. For a while you do, but then you get tired. This is when your mind begins to turn against you. Before you know it, you’re comparing yourself to the jovial extroverts at your table. The little troll in your mind points out how much better they are than you in every way. They are friendlier, prettier, more articulate, more likeable. Then the troll turns his bony finger at you and asks, “Why would anyone like you? You’re so boring and uncool. Everyone can tell you don’t belong here. What’s wrong with you?”

Scenario #2

You have reached one of your goals, perhaps you even received an award of some kind. Instead of feeling good, you feel like a fraud, an ugly duckling that somehow slipped in with the swans. You think that surely others are more qualified, charming, and talented than you.

As much as you try to be good and fulfill all the ‘shoulds’, you will never satisfy your toughest critic: you. At the root of all these self-defeating thoughts is a lack of self-love.

Yes, “self-love” – that vague, self-helpy term that sounds frilly and nice, but about as achievable as ice skating in the Sahara. I wanted to give introverts concrete, step-by-step instructions for developing self-love. Here is what I came up with:

Unshakeable Self-Love For Introverts

My new virtual workshop helps introverts stomp down self-hating thoughts and build unshakeable self-love. A recording of the workshop is now available!

Get The Unshakeable Self-Love For Introverts Virtual Workshop 

In this 1.5 hour live virtual workshop recording, you’ll discover:

– 7 surprising short-cuts to self-love specifically made for introverts
– How to leave behind self-hatred and literally fall in love with YOU
– The secret to loving and accepting yourself 100%, even if you feel totally unloveable
– How to overcome persistent negative thoughts and make your mind a safe, loving space
– Strategies for staying self-loving when you are overwhelmed and full of self-doubt
– How to speak the language of self-love so that your true worth finally sinks in

When you signup for Unshakeable Self-Love For Introverts, you’ll receive:

– 1.5 hours of online training to develop unshakeable self-love
– A workbook containing questions, actionable steps, and exercises
– Lifetime access to the workshop video recording
– The opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences via email

*This is a video recording, which you will have access to within 24 hours of registering. 🙂

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