In the past, psychologists built the personality theory and classified people into four types of temperaments: the lively, social and active sanguine, the fast, irritable and short-tempered choleric, the peace-loving and relaxed phlegmatic and the quieted, analytical and wise melancholic. 

It is believed that the melancholic personality is highly introverted and if a student is an introvert, they will spend most of their time secluded. The thing is that learning institutions are highly social with activities that require group work. That’s why introverted students can learn lessons from the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, by Charlotte Gilman.

Inactivity can worsen your situation 

There is a myth that introverts thrive in seclusion. This may be partly true, but there’s a catch. Take the story of a woman named Jane as an example. 

Jane was depressed and a doctor prescribed rest as the remedy for her healing. Her husband, who was also a physician, took her to a secluded vacation home. Instead of improving, her condition deteriorated. 

The reason Jane deteriorated because she was not allowed to do any activity while in the summer vacation home.

As an introverted student, you do need to be alone sometimes, because of your temperament. But you also need to break seclusion with some activity, because constant isolation can lead to depression or mental breakdown. 

Always ensure that you are doing something like writing, reading or researching. Also find time to interact with other students. Registering membership with one of the school’s sports or fitness clubs will help, too.

Reading and writing should be part of the life of introverts

Let’s get back to the story of Jane. While in the secluded vacation home, Jane desired to write. However, her husband prescribed total rest, which she knew would be destructive to her. She also wanted to visit a few friends and talk with them, but her physician husband could hear none of that. 

As an introvert, Jane intuitively knew the right therapy for her. She began reading and writing again and that’s when her body began to regain strength. Finally, she was healed.

Generally, introverts love to spend a lot of time alone, because that’s how we renew our energies and rediscover our inner abilities. 

If introvert university-level students spend all their time thinking about themselves, they can wear themselves out. This can affect their college education. 

As an introvert, you should practice reading as a hobby because it will help keep your mind occupied and build your essay writing skills. 

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Self-realization is great healing 

While in her ‘prison’ vacation home, Jane set her eyes on the yellow wallpaper and she realized the wallpaper represented an imprisoned person.

The wallpaper was always there, fixed on the wall despite the season. During winter, spring or summer, the wallpaper did not move. 

Before the introverted student realizes who they are, they can spend time fixed in self-pity, not understanding why they behave differently in terms of socialization. As a result, you ‘pin’ yourself on the wall and let fate lead you. 

You can become unproductive if you continue living in such a condition. The moment you realize who you are and accept your personality, you can rise and set yourself free to a greater level of achievement. 

You hold the key to your destiny 

Jane was at the point of a mental breakdown when she made up her mind and made the decision to set herself free. She discontinued her imprisoning medication and tore off the yellow wallpaper. When her physician husband returned later in the evening, he could not believe the scene. She went out, never to return. 

You cannot change your introverted personality, but you can embrace it and build a positive image of yourself. Other students may fail to understand and relate to your personality, but you should never imprison yourself based on what other people think you should be or do. 

Just as Jane tore off the paper, you can tear off your self-imprisonment and walk free. The key is to positively manage your personality and forge your way forward to greater heights. 

Embracing your introversion as an introverted student

The four temperaments vividly explain the two types of personalities, namely the introvert and the extrovert. The melancholic and choleric are introverts, while the sanguine and phlegmatic form the extrovert personality. 

Introvert students can learn lessons from “The Yellow Wallpaper” and use them to positively develop habits that will help them become better and more productive when alone and in a group. Reading and writing should also take a bigger portion of the introvert’s life. 

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