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Of all the introvert celebrities who seem anything BUT introverted, Amy Schumer tops the list. In her hit show Inside Amy Schumer, as well as her movie Trainwreck, which she wrote and starred in, Schumer seems like the definition of an extrovert.

Amy Schumer is outspoken and refreshingly (and sometimes shockingly) unfiltered. Her Trainwreck costar, Tilda Swinton, described her as an “honesty bomb”. Others say she is just plain crude. One thing that no one would ever describe Amy Schumer as is “introverted”. How could someone with such an over-the-top sense of humour be an introvert?

Is Amy Schumer Really An Introvert?

The most basic definition of an introvert is someone who gains energy from being alone and loses energy in stimulating environments, such as parties, and crowds.

We usually see introvert celebrities, such as Amy Schumer, in the spotlight when they’re ‘getting their extrovert on’. But we forget that most artists – whether they be actors, writers, or musicians – spend a lot of time creating and rehearsing behind the scenes.

Many introvert celebrities spend countless hours observing their surroundings for inspiration. Then they close the door so they can open their mind to creative ideas. I imagine that memorizing lines is a solo activity, too. As is composing music, or writing a stand-up routine.

Amy Schumer is probably a social introvert. She likes to get out there and mix and mingle when she has the energy, but also needs plenty of alone time to recharge.

She is also a confident introvert. Her confidence makes many people assume that she is an extrovert. This is because introversion is often confused with shyness. But they are not the same thing. Shyness stems from a fear of social interactions. Introversion has to do with energy and a tendency toward overstimulation.

Amy Schumer appears to be the exact opposite of shy. In public, she speaks her mind – even on controversial topics. Plus, she isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself to get a laugh. Is she brave? Yes! Hilarious? Absolutely. That does NOT necessarily mean that she’s an extrovert.

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In an interview with Glamour magazine, Amy Schumer revealed that she is most definitely an introvert. According to Schumer, most comedians are quiet types, despite their extroverted public personas. She explains:

“I think most people think they already know me and that I’ll be fine with them coming up and being very familiar with me. But really I’m an introvert and don’t feel comfortable around big groups and strangers. It’s overwhelming for somebody to come up and want to just be friends right away. People think comics are always funny and on. And we’re not. We’re pretty quiet.”

So, there you have it – another introvert celebrity to add to the ever-growing list, which includes:

– Julia Roberts
– Johnny Depp
– Barack Obama
– Bill Gates
– J.K. Rowling
– Christina Aguilera
– Emma Watson
– Al Gore
– Keanu Reeves
– Angelina Jolie
– Tom Hanks
– Meryl Streep
– Michael Jordan
– Gwyneth Paltrow
– Barbara Walters
– Steven Spielberg


Are you surprised to learn that Amy Schumer is an introvert?

Who is your favorite introvert celebrity?

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