An Introvert’s Miracle Diet

I may not be an expert in nutrition or weight loss. But I do consider myself an expert in introversion. And I happen to know a virtually fail-proof trick for losing weight as an introvert.

I’ve known this secret for a while, but was only reminded of it recently when my my new roommate got back from a one-month holiday.

The surprising shortcut to introvert weight loss

Lucky for me, his return coincided with the beginning of bikini season. Roommates, you see, are a secret weight loss weapon for introverts.

There is a joke that the best way to starve an introvert is by putting a stranger in his or her kitchen. LOL.


how to kill an introvert funny

Roommates aren’t really strangers. We introverts avoid them nonetheless.

I actually quite like my new roommate. I think he is an introvert, too, because he mostly stays in his room. He is also a great cook, and sometimes shares his creations with me. PLUS he got Netflix working on our TV the other night. So, he’s pretty much an ideal roommate.

But he is still another human inhabiting the same space as me. I usually don’t like seeing other humans – or more accurately, having them see me – before noon.

This is partly because I like to write in my pajamas in the morning. Don’t be deceived by the photos, I don’t wake up looking like this:

michaela chung introvert author


More like this:

introvert cat pajamas

I’m also never sure how much conversation is appropriate with a roommate.

Like, how much acknowledgement is necessary when you pass each other in the kitchen in the morning?

The first time, a simple ‘good morning’ will probably do. But what about when you bump into each other a 2nd or 3rd time?

Do you make small talk, or do you smile awkwardly and then go about your business in side-by-side silence?

Or do you pretend you only came to the kitchen for a glass of water, and go hide in your room until you think the coast is clear?

I usually choose the latter.

It’s only been a week, and I think I’ve dropped at least two pounds. I call it the Roommate Diet. Simply add one roommate to your living environment and watch the pounds melt away!

Over To You

Have you had a similar experience with avoiding roommates?

What do you do when you bump into your rooomie in the kitchen?

What are your biggest introvert conversation challenges?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂





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  1. I can totally relate to this article. 😀

    • I can totally relate. My cousin was made homeless a couple of years ago and she asked if she could come and stay with me for a while. I felt like I couldn’t say no! The trouble was, she’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert. She actively seeks out companionship when I crave time alone. I used to retreat to my bedroom just to get away from her, and even then she would come and knock on the door and invade my space again! This went on for 5 long, long months until she eventually found a place of her own. I don’t think she even understood why she had to move out. I felt guilty telling her I needed my own space but now I’ve discovered this site and understand myself a bit better, I will definitely not be afraid to tell people in future, thank you!

    • Yup. I never understood this. Always thought I was just weird… Maybe I am that too. It doesn’t have to be a roommate either. Anyone, family member or friend.

  2. I’m an Aspie so being introverted goes with the territory, I hope this helps but I don’t know if it will on all the levels I need. I dislike socializing because my brain doesn’t have the same kind of connections like neurotypicals do. I’ll give it a go anyways hope this helps.

  3. Hi Michaela,

    I can so relate to this. I’ve done this plenty of times with people throughout my life when I wasn’t living alone. It often happens, now that I am by myself too! Even though I feel so free as an introvert and finally finding the support I need online, like websites like this and also, from Brenda Knowles. It’s still hard for me. People still make fun of me and call me a hermit. I’m very quiet and at other times. I can have deep conversations. When I was staying with my fathers girlfriend, because I had to move, I avoided her like the plague, lol… I could hear when she would come in and out of her room ago do everything, because she was loud and the door made noise and she was very heavy on her feet. I would wait until she went back in her room and then when the coast was clear. I would go make something to eat really quick. But sometimes that wouldn’t stop her from trying to talk to me. My fathers girl actually said verbatim. I’m not going to act like your’e not here, because you are and if i need you to do something or ask you something. I’m gonna ask you. I wanted her to go about her life and business as if I wasn’t. I was like a mouse. She barely heard a peep out of me, I stayed out of her way and she wanted to interact and ask me to do stuff just because I was in her place. She also said, I don’t see how people can leave you alone when you are in their space. Easy… I stay out of their way and I’m quiet. Its like people see company and they just want to talk all day and night. I’m not like that. I leave people alone when they are in my space. I have boundaries and people don’t want to respect that.

    It was really bad when I ended up in the hospital, this year, with severe chest pains, I thought I was having a heart attack. They ran all these test on me and I was fine. I was just stressed. She kept bothering me and calling me and wouldn’t just let me be. The complaining and nagging. I couldn’t take it anymore. My chest felt tight and I got myself to a hospital. I was there twice in one week. As soon as she left and went back to my fathers house. The pain subsided. I literally prayed and asked angels if they could let me have some quiet time and it was granted.

    I left my fathers because of this. I was there for less than 4 weeks and the constant arguing and noise and her and her son and everybody bothering me, to cook or to help them with something. 3 lazy ass adults. I’m like what were you guys doing before I got here?? No consideration for me sleeping or me writing…. I keep weird hours…. I would go to bed and not even be sleep for 2 hours before someone would knock on my door…. I like to eat alone, not talk, some days I couldn’t even do that….. My father said when I got there. No one would bother me… total opposite… I can see if they missed my cooking, but they ate at different times and wanted me to accommodate them…. They wanted 3 course meals… I was afraid I let them taste my food…No one cooked at all…. When I noticed what they were doing the second week I was there. I was like wait a minute…. My father had no plans to help me leave like he said. No one would leave me alone…

    I have not lived with my father since I was a teen and I go back around him, during this hard time in my life and he’s trying to dictate and control and use my situation against me. Not only that he cursed me out for no reason and called me harsh names…. which is nothing new. I called my ex and I was like please come get me. I went back to the hotel and recharged. I’m used to being on my own and raising myself, since my mom past when I was 14. I’ve lived with people before but when I started making good money at times. I would pay for a hotel room. While I was looking for an apartment, I actually stayed at a hotel for 5 months. Because everyone I know has kids or they’re married. When I tried to keep to myself. They would bother me and not let me sleep or wake me up, or just want to be around me. I notice that when I wouldn’t go to make something to eat, I started dropping weight. I called it an introverted fast, lol…

    I’m so tired of explaining how I am and people arguing with me and trying to get me to change. I can’t deal. It’s the same with relationships…I can’t breathe sometimes. It’s a lot especially when people want to pick your brain and you are very knowledgeable about various topics…I got into an argument with a friend of mine because I needed space. I told her before hand I was dealing with something… I haven’t spoken to her since April. People think because I’m in their space they have a right to bother me.

  4. Wow, my entire life I’ve done all of the things described on this blog and always felt like it was just me. I can’t believe I’ve gone all my life not knowing these are traits of introverts. Wow. This is crazy

  5. LOL, and I thought I was the only one who did this. Amazing that an article can now let me know I am normal, thank you!!!

    • Haha nope, you’re not the only one, Rose! 🙂

      • Heyyyyy Michaela

        I can relate very much and not just roommates, you know how others, during their teens, would try to spy to their crushes? me too! but unlike them, I would not and never would try to know the whereabouts of my crush to see him or bump into him one day. I spy so I know exactly how and where to avoid him, I know thats sooo awkward but I cant help it. Feels like I’mm okay with everyone but im not okay having them where Im at I dunno hehe

  6. I can relate to your article so much!
    When I was in Malta during my Erasmus exchange, I had to share the kitchen with about 10 other people!
    I usually stayed in my room but if I really needed to eat and the roomies were still there, I just walked as close to the shelves as possible to avoid any conversation or I just waited for them to go away which sometimes took several hours 😀 I wish I could have taken an Invisibility Cloak with me xD

  7. I do the same thing. Well I tried once to make conversation explaining I’m very shy but it came out with a lot of stammering and stuff and after that I just went back to always looking faraway when I do see her because I’m in my safe introvert safe haven deep within myself and preferring to stay in my room whenever possible.

  8. Doesn’t work as well if your roommate is your extroverted friend that drags you out of your room to socialize and can cook really cool stuff 🙁 but I can see how this can work.

  9. Very true for me! You see me eating at the dining room table and once I hear my sister and her BF outside I run for my life with my food full-speed to the bedroom like there’s no tomorrow. I have my lunch in my hands, but I end up starving myself through dinner and breakfast ’til he leaves at noon. Once they come home they hang around, cook, and eat at the kitchen. I know her BF but I just don’t like having to say something to him or do a gesture every time I go to the kitchen.

  10. I am not psychologically compatible with the idea of a room mate. I talked myself into getting a single for most of college, and almost left when it looked like I wouldn’t get one the final year.

    Having to muster up even the most basic, “conventional” politeness both out in the world AND home would in many ways simply end me.


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