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I’ve always been better at communicating in writing than in conversation. It turns out that this is a trait shared by most introverts.

We innies tend to write better than we speak. Words pour out effortlessly onto the page (or the computer screen nowadays). But in conversation, it can often feel like there’s a traffic jam in the pathway between our mind and our mouth.

We know the words are there, just within reach. And yet, we just can’t spit them out in time. Or as smoothly as we’d hoped.

When I was in high school, I remember feeling SO frustrated when my classmates underestimated my intelligence because I wasn’t good at sounding smart. All of my essays received top marks. But when it came my turn to speak up during group projects, it would sound like this:

Ummm …. well I think because … it seems like … in this case … [completely forget what I want to say] ummm …[LIGHTBULB FLASH – I remember my brilliant point] We should definitely explore –

[Get interrupted by the loud guy who’s really good at sounding smart, but is mostly full of shit].

Fortunately, with practice, and more confidence, anyone’s conversation skills can improve. Mine definitely have. I bet yours have, too, if you think about it.

How to communicate with confidence as an introvert

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