I may not be an expert in nutrition or weight loss. But I do consider myself an expert in introversion. And I happen to know a virtually fail-proof trick for losing weight as an introvert.

I’ve known this secret for a while, but was only reminded of it recently when my my new roommate got back from a one-month holiday.

The surprising shortcut to introvert weight loss

Lucky for me, his return coincided with the beginning of bikini season. Roommates, you see, are a secret weight loss weapon for introverts.

There is a joke that the best way to starve an introvert is by putting a stranger in his or her kitchen. LOL.


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Roommates aren’t really strangers. We introverts avoid them nonetheless.

I actually quite like my new roommate. I think he is an introvert, too, because he mostly stays in his room. He is also a great cook, and sometimes shares his creations with me. PLUS he got Netflix working on our TV the other night. So, he’s pretty much an ideal roommate.

But he is still another human inhabiting the same space as me. I usually don’t like seeing other humans – or more accurately, having them see me – before noon.

This is partly because I like to write in my pajamas in the morning. Don’t be deceived by the photos, I don’t wake up looking like this:

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More like this:

introvert cat pajamas

I’m also never sure how much conversation is appropriate with a roommate.

Like, how much acknowledgement is necessary when you pass each other in the kitchen in the morning?

The first time, a simple ‘good morning’ will probably do. But what about when you bump into each other a 2nd or 3rd time?

Do you make small talk, or do you smile awkwardly and then go about your business in side-by-side silence?

Or do you pretend you only came to the kitchen for a glass of water, and go hide in your room until you think the coast is clear?

I usually choose the latter.

It’s only been a week, and I think I’ve dropped at least two pounds. I call it the Roommate Diet. Simply add one roommate to your living environment and watch the pounds melt away!

Over To You

Have you had a similar experience with avoiding roommates?

What do you do when you bump into your rooomie in the kitchen?

What are your biggest introvert conversation challenges?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂





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