infj writer

As the rarest personality type in the world, INFJs often seem strange to those around them. Rather than fight the stereotype, I thought I’d work with it by sharing some unusual writing advice that only the most gloriously peculiar personalities will appreciate.

Not only are these writing rituals odd, they are also surprisingly effective. Designed with the idiosyncrasies of the INFJ in mind, each tip works with INFJ quirks instead of against them. Read on to discover 4 strange rituals to bust through writer’s block as an INFJ.

Deepen your intuition with dreams

Many INFJs have vivid, intense dreams. Because of this, they are fascinated with the dreamworld. They become experts in lucid dreaming, and dream interpretation. It turns out that the INFJ’s innate enchantment with dreams can help them overcome writer’s block. Allow me to explain.

Dreams help us to work through problems. As we sleep, our unconscious mind goes to work, finding exactly the right string to pull to unravel the complex mess we created during the day. Sometimes, we barely remember our dreams. Or we do, but they make absolutely no sense to us.

Thankfully, there is a shortcut to tapping into the power of dreams: keeping a dream journal. It doesn’t matter if our dreams are fragmented, or seemingly meaningless. Somehow, writing them down reconnects us to our deeper knowing. It awakens the part of us that can find the perfect metaphor to explain the inexplicable. Or the sentence that is so strong it stands on its own.

Here are some quick tips to help you start a dream journalling practice …