INFJ new year tips

The end of the year is a scary time for INFJs. We are bombarded from all sides with participating in social events, endless small talk, mingling with large crowds of people, and facing constant pressure not to be party poopers. No wonder we enter the New Year tired, anxious, and completely burned out.

The most overwhelming time of the year for INFJs

There aren’t many months like December that cause INFJs to be this nervous. It’s not just about the New Year. It’s about the expectation from society that we need to be like everyone else and smile all the time. If we don’t, immediately comes that annoying question: “Why are you so quiet”? 

Being INFJs, this time of the year feels like a constant barrage of everything that takes away our energy and brings us closer to overwhelm. Not to mention chatty extroverts, coworkers that insist that you need to come to that Christmas party, or loud neighbors that throw really bad parties.

All things considered, it’s not hard to see why the beginning of 2019 brings so much fear for our personality. That’s why I’ll share with you some of my favorite INFJ tips to enter the New Year without overwhelm.

Tips to start the New Year without overwhelm:

Stop thinking about worst case scenarios.

If you go to a social gathering or an event with the thought that it will be bad, it will really be like that. Instead, ask yourself this: What’s the best that can happen instead? You’ll immediately feel a positive shift.

Solitude matters, but so do does company.

Being introverts, of course we love being alone. But INFJs thrive on having meaningful connections, and we love spending time with those we care for. Even if you are tired, spend time with your family and friends, they may end up recharging your batteries.

Saying no doesn’t require explanation.

If you don’t want to go to a Christmas or a New Year’s party, then don’t. There is no need for you to explain anything. People who love and understand you don’t need you to justify your actions. You are not being arrogant, you are just taking care of yourself.

Don’t multitask!

Don’t follow the trend of multitasking, it’s an extrovert’s game. Instead, enter the new 2019 doing one thing at a time. Most importantly, rest my dear INFJ friend. Nothing will go to ruin if you take some time off to recharge before January 1st.

Take care of you, too.

This is the perfect time for INFJs to do more self-care in order to avoid overwhelm. Whatever that may look like for you, dedicate some time to something that relaxes you. You earned it.

These are just a few examples of how you can make your transition to 2019 less overwhelming. Combine these tips to your heart’s desire, and find the best way to make this time of the year calm and peaceful. Speaking of peace…

You decide how much overwhelm enters your life

Your inner peace and what you allow to disturb that depends solely on you. Make a decision that nothing anyone does will ruin your start of the year. It’s okay to be anxious or tired, but please don’t permit external negativity to contribute to your exhaustion.

INFJs are natural planners, and this is also the case when it comes to overwhelm. Sometimes we can’t control it, but most of the times we are the ones who are in the driver’s seat.

Make this New Year a time to remember! Even if you are spending it alone, do whatever you can to make it a joyous occasion. When you enter 2019, remind yourself that you earned that rest. The world will not set itself on fire if you breathe for a moment.

I wish you have a relaxing, tranquil, and wonderful Holiday season my INFJ friends! <3

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