Many people think that being an introvert means that you do not like other people. However, that is not necessarily true. Introverts usually only need some time for themselves so that they can recharge their batteries. Also, not every person that is an introvert acts the same way.

Furthermore, everyone needs that special someone in their life. Loneliness can be soul-crushing, so while you’re on the lookout for your better half, getting a dog to keep you company in the meantime might be a good idea. 

If you are an introvert and dog-loving person, this is a match made in heaven. With this being said, what are the best dog breeds for introverts?

In this article, you will find a shortlist of furry companions that are a fantastic choice for an introvert. These dogs can take care of themselves when you need some me-time and comfort you when you need some silent company. Here are some great choices, even if you’re not necessarily a dog person.


This choice might come as a surprise to some. After all, this dog breed is known for its outstanding hunting instinct. Greyhounds are often seen only as pack animals. However, do not let this fool you. These dogs are more than happy with spending their days laying on the couch within the comfort of a cozy home.

You must know that Greyhounds need at least one walk filled with exercises in a day. This creates a need for high-quality food to keep their energy levels balanced.

If you plan on getting a Greyhound, you should look for the best food available for your pup. Don’t just pick out the cheapest and biggest pack of dog food you can find at the supermarket. One of the most popular food brands for puppies is Blue Buffalo. If you want to see whether it’s suitable for your dog, you can find a review of that product here:

Shiba Inu

Many introverts end up owning a Shiba Inu. Why? Because this breed is intelligent, has a high tolerance for solitude, and adapts well to apartment living. Shiba Inus also tend to have amiable personalities.

Dog walkers will love this dog breed as it loves to hang out at the dog park. Sometimes seeing a tiny bit of free space is all it takes for them to start enjoying themselves. They are also one of the most cat-like dog breeds, which can be a big plus for some introverted people.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels make for great lap dogs. If you want to cuddle with your dog friend often, this can be an excellent choice. They do not require as much attention as other small breeds (looking at you, Cairn Terrier) but can still bond closely with their owner!

They are also mentioned as an attractive choice for novice owners next to the Basenjis. Thanks to their extreme friendliness, they can adapt themselves to live with humans of all different personalities.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are regarded by many as one of the best dogs. They can create a strong bond with almost everyone. These pups are an excellent fit for introverts.

If you love big dogs, you should get yourself one of these. Their adaptability is much higher than other breeds (like, for example, Great Dane) in this class.

As your German Shepherd will not be a barkless dog (like Basenji), you can expect some “small-talk” from him. German Shepherds love communicating with other dogs. If your Shepherd sees a Chow Chow on his walk, you can be sure that he will try to chat up both the dog and its owner! 

Basset Hound

Much like Irish Wolfhound, Basset Hound will win over many hearts just thanks to his looks. The low-key demeanor of Basset Hounds makes them the perfect choice for apartment life.

However, keep in mind that these dogs are not cut out for solitude. They will fight for your companionship if need be. This only goes to show how much they can love their owners who remember to look after them.

Another thing to keep in mind is their health problems. If you decide on this pup, your Basset Hound will probably need many visits to the clinic. It might not be as easy as with other breeds to keep your companion healthy.


Now you know the best dog breeds for introverts! As you can see, a wide variety of dogs can be an invaluable option for introverted people. Make sure to invite one of them into your home. There can be no match for these four-legged friends at your side.

You should also think about where you want to look for your new companions. Perhaps getting a rescue dog is a good idea? Check your local animal shelter website. Without a doubt, they have a lot of dogs who are looking for new families.

No matter what you will choose, for sure, you will find the perfect dog for you! Make your home a happy place by bringing a puppy from the shelter. Look for the breeds for introverts, and enjoy the company of your new friend. Good luck!