how to be funny in conversation

This time of year, introverts everywhere are suffering through boring conversations at events we didn’t really want to go to in the first place. The natural introvert inclination is to try to escape lame conversations. Either that or shut down and zone out. But there’s a problem.

When we zone out, it can lead to some embarrassing moments, like when we ask about something the person already said, and they realize we were daydreaming the whole time. Oops! ,It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here is a little trick for turning boring conversations into something more fun and playful.

How to be funny in conversation

Introverts are constantly accused of being too serious, but many innies have a great sense of humour. It just takes more time for us to feel comfortable enough to reveal our playful side.

But what if you could add more playfulness and humour to any conversation from the get-go?

When you know the most effective laughter triggers and how to use them in conversation, you can turn boring chit chat into a fun and memorable exchange.

The Recognition laughter trigger

For example, one major laughter trigger, which I learned from my standup comedy coach Jerry Corley, is Recognition.

When people see themselves in your embarrassing story or annoying experience, they laugh because they can relate.

That’s why other single people will laugh at your dating stories. It’s also why other parents giggle when you talk about things your kids say or do.

This part is important

When using the Recognition laughter trigger, the more specific you are the better. People see themselves in the details! Don’t just say you had a bad date with a weird guy.

Talk about what he said or did that seemed strange and how you reacted. Remember, what makes it funny is the other person being able to relate.

They also have to know how YOU feel about the situation. So, make sure to share in a lighthearted tone.

There is so much more I could say about being funny and playful in conversation. After all, I do standup comedy on the side (I have a show tonight, in fact!).

But of course, not everything that works on stage works in conversation. That’s why I’ve done the legwork and pinpointed the 3 laughter triggers that work best to create fun and playful conversations.

I’ve also discovered the best way to tell a funny story, even if you’re introverted and tend to be a word economist.

I break it all down in clear steps and examples in lesson 2 of my Introvert Conversation Genius course.

You can find more tools to connect with my free Introvert Conversation Cheat Sheet.



Michaela Chung